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Dion Lee Opens MBFWA at Opera House

Photography for Sydney Chic by Cesar Ocampo

Dion Lee MBFWA Opening

It’s befitting that Dion Lee opened MBFWA at the Opera House when today it was announced the designer will be creating the new uniforms for the organization. Over the next 12 months, Lee – who since 2010 has won the Woolmark Designer Award at Melbourne Fashion Week, Qantas Spirit of Youth Award and Best Designer awards for GQ and Marie Claire magazines – will design a range of uniforms for more than 600 employees, including front-of-house, box office and tour guide staff.

Today’s headlining show is Lee’s fourth at the Opera House, which has been a key influence throughout the 32-year old’s stellar career. In 2010 he became the first designer to show in the Concert Hall Northern Foyer. In 2013 he designed the acclaimed 2013 ‘Utzon’ collection as the first Australian representative at the prestigious International Woolmark Prize, which launched Lee internationally.

Lee did not disappoint with the use of fabric that seemed to almost be painted on the models. Noted was the lack of any print and the use of some bold colours such as red, yellow and royal blue.

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