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Pound Paws Uses Social Media to Find New Homes For Pets

Double Bay never needs to be promoted for being a style hub, but last Saturday there was a plethora of fashionista's of a furry style that puts the paw print on the map. The Pound Paws Dog Show took place and it was super competitive! I was a guest judge along with Glen & Leo aka as well Robbie Farer, Dr Geoff Golovsky and Dr Katrina Warren. The show was MC'd by Nick Gulliver and hostess and Founder, the delightful Brittany Bloomer.

Pound Paws Adopt a pet

Now let me tell you the competition was tough because of the high calibre of talent! But finally the winners were chosen in both the fashion stakes and the intelligence (i.e. dog tricks). It was a shame I didn't have my own 'grand-dog' Bundy with me, he's got a bunch of tricks up his sleeve that keeps us entertained for hours.

Pound Paws Adoption

The show was to highlight the very good work of Pound Paws which is a a registered charity. Pound Paws uses modern social media tools to reach out to animal lovers looking to find a new pet. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have been key drivers for Pound Paws. In addition, the website is an online search engine which allows potential owners to search for pets by breed, age, lifestyle or size.

Pound Paws is supported by volunteers, and sponsors and donations help fund its operations and there is no charge to pet owners or pounds that have animals up for adoption.

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Pound Paws was founded in 2014 as a desperate measure to help find loving homes for animals that would otherwise have to be euthanised. A devastating 250,000 healthy and treatable dogs and cats are put down per year. This is impacted by oversupply from backyard breeders, and puppy mills.

Pound Paws

During the show Dr Golosvky brought to the attention that some dogs i.e. the one pictured above might be working dogs for the emergency services and will have a tag about not touching the animal. This is to keep the dog focused and not distracted.

Pound Paws

This adorable dog above only has three legs and she was adopted through Pound Paws. I just fell in love with her, such a gentle lovely little girl.

Pound Paws is not only focused on re-homing these animals, but educating the public about death row and the importance of choosing to adopt. It is their mission to encourage potential pet owners to adopt instead of shop, and break the stereotype that pounds are full of ‘reject’ pets.

Pic: Instagram

So if you are looking for a new pet please do go online at and check out the lovely animals all waiting for their new home.

Check out all the dog action in the video below.

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