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Picosure Laser Treatment - Does it Really Work?

I have always said I would never have any treatment on my face i.e. botox or fillers. As they say, never say never because the day came where I actually experienced the Picosure laser treatment to help rejuvenate my skin. I've always been very lucky to have good skin, and as I age, of course lines and marks have appeared, but at 55 you would have to expect that. So at time of writing, in all my years on this planet, I have had my first piece of 'work' on my face thanks to Dr Pico in Darlinghurst and the Picosure laser treatment.

I was booked in with Dr Keith Kolodzej aka Dr Pico. Now Dr Pico isn't your everyday doctor I have to say; he's full of energy, laughter and works as an Emergency Doctor and home visit doctor. He opened Dr Pico, along with his lovely partner Glaucia who also works in the clinic, predominantly as a tattoo removal, however now there is a focus on skin rejuvenation using the PicoSure laser equipment.

The Picosure FOCUS Lens Array offers unprecedented results in skin revitalisation, and the treatment of wrinkles. The treatments are quick and easy and have minimal downtime. Cynosure as the leading aesthetic laser technology in Australia, known for beautiful and life changing result. Dr Pico explained to me about these state of-the-art laser therapies on offer that enable specialist dermatologists and clinics to provide trusted treatments to improve the texture and appearance of skin and help take years off your face. So I was hopeful! I could do with wiping a few of those years off my face!

Was I nervous? Yes, a little but Dr Pico assured me he would walk me slowly through the procedure and even offered me a glass of wine! Dr Pico travels a lot for his work to WA and brings back some very nice wines!

I didn't really know what to expect and I am here to tell you that the procedure is quick and relatively painless, I did feel a 'warm' sensation and once the procedure was finished my face felt flushed, but that was over within an hour.

To start Dr Pico put some protective glasses on me as we all know laser's and eyes are not the best match. And then he explained how he was going to count to three and do a touch of the laser so I would know what to expect. I was delighted that it didn't hurt! Then I was ready to go ahead. Dr Pico used the Cynosure laser in batches, so each half of my forehead, then a rest. Then he went down one side of my face, then the other. The final treatment was my chin and nose. By the end of the session, yes I felt my face tingling and flushed, however the cold air that was being blown on my face really helped.

Would I do it again? Yes, I am going to go back for another treatment in about five weeks and have no hesitation or fear.

Because it is still early days, I will be adding to this post as my skin improves. The very dark pigment that you can see on my neck in the photo below did get a lot darker for a few days, but Dr Pico had warned me this would happen. Then today (Day 4) the mark has faded considerably and I am so excited I won't have to be cover it up any more.

I've also noticed that my skin appears a lot smoother and it feels smoother. So far I'm thrilled with the Picosure technology and I'm looking forward to updating this post next week and then following the next treatment.

Photo One before - second photo 4 days after. These photos were not photoshopped - they were just cropped. The therapy was so painless and easy - the laser was quick fast and the results have been amazing.


Below the entry to Dr Pico 352 Victoria St Darlinghurst Sydney 2010

t. 02 9380 7060


10am-2pm SAT

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