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Dana Vulin - Triumphant Burns Survivor

Dana Vulin

I will never forget the story of Dana Vulin. A beautiful young woman who was viciously attacked by a jealous ice-addict in 2012. Dana was wrongly accused of having an affair with her husband by Natalie Dimitrovska, who is now serving 17 years in prison for her crime. This crime was so horrific that it churned my stomach then, and still does today. Natalie set Dana on fire and left her to burn alive whilst this evil excuse of a Human Being laughed and walked away. The story that follows is one of determination as Dana describes the pain of the burn and then waking up in intensive care knowing her life will never be the same again.

Five years on Dana Vulin has released a book about her story. This is a story about triumph, determination and love. I bought Dana's book "Worth Fighting For" yesterday and read it from cover to cover within 3 hours. I couldn't put it down. As I write this I've been feeling a little sorry for myself because I've had the flu for nearly two weeks but boy Dana's story brings everything into perspective, I'm ashamed to be whinging that I'm not feeling well.

Can you imagine going through something so horrific and coming out stronger and more powerful than ever?

If you ever want to feel inspired then I suggest you purchase Worth Fighting For and you will learn how powerful the mind and body can be.

One of my favourite parts of this is book when Dana explains to children who asked her why she was wearing a mask (this is when she had to wear a pressurised suit for 3 years), Dana's response 'because I'm a superhero'. Yes, my lovely you certainly are.

I've had the absolute privilege to speak to Dana on the phone. I asked her 'what would you say to yourself lying in that bed in 2012 as you are now?" Dana replied "Don't cry and that dream you keep having in the pink dress in a premonition". You need to read the book to find out what that means.

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