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October 2017 Horoscopes by Jennifer Angel


October 2017 Horoscopes

By Jennifer Angel

October, anything is possible! Keep an open mind and heart, and get ready to embrace new and exciting developments.

Take care at the beginning of the month, with a Mars and Pluto interaction and shortly after with the Aries full Moon, as both can cause you to be rash and impulsive. At the same time, love goddess Venus and passionate Mars connect, which makes this a month when love and intimacy are heightened, but it’s up to you to invite love in. Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion, will move to Scorpio, and encourage you to get in touch with your real soul-purpose and follow it. Later in the month, with the new Moon in Libra and a lucky and beneficial connection between Jupiter and the Sun, anything is possible! Keep an open mind and heart, and get ready to embrace new and exciting developments.


If you want to attract love into your life, then be prepared to step out of your comfort zone. With the energy of the new Moon in your love zone, you are promoted to put yourself out there and do whatever it takes to make it happen. At work, opportunities head your way. Make sure you are organized so you are free to investigate your options. Other people can step forward now to help you achieve your dreams; don’t be too proud to accept their help.


You can be lucky in love now and with relationships in general. Watch for opportunities. It is possible to move ahead with both work and love, and in a positive and productive way. But not everyone will be worthy of being your friend. Pay attention to your intuition. Don’t waste time on people and situations that are not for your greatest good. Time and money spent on your personal presentation will be worth it - create your wow-factor!


It is possible to gain closure or make headway with a monetary situation that relates to home and family in some way. But be careful not to leave anything to chance. It’s important to tie up loose ends. And when it’s about love, be prepared to take control. It’s your life to live, you don’t want to risk others stepping in and taking over. The more productive you are the more you will achieve. But don’t burn the candle at both ends at the expense of your wellbeing.


Chance meetings can take place this month that can be beneficial for both your work and love life. Watch for signs of co-incidence and keep your schedule flexible so you can act on an opportunity. A discussion about money looks positive. But be careful not to get involved in a power play. Take a step back. Sometimes, if you are quiet, you can gain more information than when you have the loudest voice. There is also a new start around your home. Stay positive.


Communication is big in your chart this month as is creativity. When you follow your creative thoughts with a firm action plan, anything is possible. Once you know what you want, the journey can reveal itself. The rest is easy, relativity. To attract additional funds, focus on and monitor your financial attitude. Make every thought you have about money and abundance a positive one. In love, let your love-mate have some independence.


If you are looking for love, an electric attraction with someone amazing can take place. Someone who not only gets your attention, but can keep you interested. Lucky breaks come your way. The universe guides you by help you to be in the right place at the right time. A discussion with someone can lead to much more, with both your professional and personal life. So, don’t be too busy to have a causal conversation, you never know where it may lead.


With new Moon energy in your sign, get ready to enter a new positive phase. Be prepared to leave the old and outdated behind, check your baggage at the curb. Love and money both rate as important in your start-chart this month. The more positive you are about life; the more power you will have to attract what you desire. With love, be careful of keeping secrets. It is best to get everything out in the open. When it’s about home and family, follow your heart.


This month, you can be lucky in love and life. Abundant Jupiter moves to your sign for a 12-month stay. As Jupiter connects with the powerful Sun, you are well positioned to take on something new. A series of positive events to take place. Some you have been waiting for and others that come as a surprise. Friends are supportive. However, if money is involved, carefully think over your next move. A sudden development at work can inspire you to take action.


Your career moves forward with speed, and can bring a financial outcome to a favorable conclusion. However, when it’s about money, be careful to find out all details; don’t leave anything to chance. Friends and social engagements provide a balance between work and play. Romance can come through an introduction from a friend. You can also meet someone socially who can help with work. It’s a good month to get out and connect with others.


The connections you make can be extremely influential this month, and in many ways. Firstly, if you are not already with the love of your life, it’s possible to meet a soul partner, someone you feel attuned with, that Déjà vu feeling. For work, you are entering a new career phase. Get ready to broaden your horizons, perhaps by doing business internationally. Home and family get a shake up, too. This is a busy and productive time. There is movement and development.


There is much excitement! Lucky and abundant Jupiter moves to your career zone and connects with the Sun. The combined powerful energy can kick start your career into a new phase and in the right direction. You can also gain inspiration about your true soul’s purpose. When you have clarity as to what you want to do, you can formulate the journey to achieve it. Intimacy and romance build a closer love bond. Or, the energy can connect you with someone special.


Financial help, or a boost of cash, can head your way, and unexpectedly. This is a great time to review your finances. Make your budget work for you. At work, don’t be quick to overreact with a business decision, it could work out to be better than you think. Love is very much in your life. With the presence of Venus in your love zone, romance can knock on your heart. Make time for love. Friends are also important and play a big part in your life now.


Jennifer Angel

Jennifer is resident astrologer to one of America’s most successful celebrity and entertainment magazines – Star!

Perhaps most well known for her work in New York’s Daily News, with a following of over one million readers, Jennifer attracted even more followers at with weekly videos, articles, including predictions on celebrity couples, sports teams, mayors, and presidents.

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