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Christmas Gift Idea #2 Moo Limited Edition Notebook Designed by Timothy Goodman

Moo Notebook

This limited edition notebook is a collaboration between MOO and New York designer, Timothy Goodman. I'm a big fan of MOO and use this service to design my business cards. Timothy has designed the cover and some pages inside exclusively for this notebook. The cover says ‘Meetings kill creativity’ - I couldn't agree more! In fact, meetings are something I rarely do these days because so much can be done online and via video conference etc. However, if you are going to a meeting you might as well impress with a funky notebook like this!

Moo Notebook

Timothy Goodman Artist

Perfect for the organised person, list writer or people who like to journal. The MOO x Timothy Goodman Hardcover Notebook is being sold exclusively at for AU$32.49. (At time of writing this notebook is on sale for $22.74).

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