Christmas Gift Idea #4 Melissa Allen Mood Essentials

How are you feeling right now? As I'm typing this I'm rather stressed as I am moving house, and have a mountain of work to do. However, apart from stopping and breathing deeply, I've just sprayed myself with Melissa Allen Mood Essentials "I have CALM" which is a beautiful mist of essential oils! Does it work? Well yes, the fragrance immediately makes me think of a spa and relaxation.

I have Calm is a wonderful fragrance that helps you manage everyday activities. Infused with a combination of fourteen 100% Natural Essential oils, including lavender, bergamot, sandalwood and patchouli - a simple spritz can help soothe the mind and body helping you relax and unwind as well as leaving you smelling great. Personally, I find it very refreshing.

This multi-purpose fragrance can also be used as a pillow spray to help you enjoy a good night’s sleep to leave you feeling revitalised for the day ahead. The other Mood Essential is "I have CONFIDENCE" a formula will help you gain peace of mind, and less stress, resulting in better quality of sleep, better relationships, quality of work and overall a better quality of life. Confidence is infused with 100% Natural Essential oil blend of grapefruit, rosewood, mandarin and bergamot. Blended together these oils boost self esteem, mental strength & clarity creating a positive mindset.

Wear as a perfume or cologne! Available in travel size $14.95 or full size $38.00

A great gift for those who need help to unwind and let go of stress.

* Cruelty free - Not tested on animals

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