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How Hard Can it Be Telstra?

Telstra Review

This is the second rant I have ever had on this blog since I started it in 2013, the first was justified to Camera Sky and this is one to Telstra that I simply can’t keep my mouth shut any more.

I relocated home on the 18th of December and prior to that, as an organized person does, I rang Telstra to get my internet transferred. I was told that I could have NBN in my new place and so started through the process. I verified via their system that I was going to disconnect the internet on the current premises on the day and would have the new premises connected on the 19th. As far as I was concerned that was what was going to happen.

Silly me! I believed them! The customer service officer told me to call the relocation team 3 days before I move to set it all up, but he would disconnect the internet from Potts Point on December 18.

So three working days before I was to move I called again. Again, I was told it was ok to connect the NBN in the new premises. BUT, then they came back to me and said there was no NBN connection to the property. That’s strange because my Real Estate agent had told me there was with the previous occupants. I was then told by Telstra someone from NBN would get in touch with me.

That never happened. Of course!

So I moved up and called again. This time I was told my internet was still live at my previous premises despite the fact that I had already arranged to disconnect it. So once again I went through the process to cancel it. Not happy Jan! It is becoming blatantly obvious that this organization is too big, and the internal communication systems are in desperate need of repair! No one seems to write notes or knows really what they are doing.

Finally, after over 1.5 hours and the phone cutting out numerous times (yes, it is a Telstra plan) I am told it is all set and that the technician will be out on the 28th, they will be sending me a modem and because I’m tethering off my phone to use my computer (again when the coverage isn’t failing) they would send me an extra 10GB of data to keep me going until the technician installed the NBN.

Next day I get another call from Telstra, this time from a different officer. She tells me that there was no modem ordered and no extra data to use on my phone. S C R E A M….OMG why is it so hard Telstra?

So once again, I organize the modem and the extra data and was told yes, all good to go.

Today, the 27th (day before the NBN is installed) I thought I’d better check on this modem. Now I’m told there is no modem coming because I already have a compatible one! By this time steam is coming out of my ears big time. It is not compatible I've had it for over 6 years! It was never agreed that I would use the existing modem from the ADSL. And by the way that was 5 years of agony, always dropping out and slow.

Finally, we organize the modem, I am assured it will arrive tomorrow or at the latest Friday. OK. I'm hopeful but skeptical.

So I am back on to the tethering after it took nearly one hour to connect and my phone gives me an SMS from Telstra. “You have used all your data so we have given you 1GB more for $10”…. .What the hell happened to the 10GB they were going to give me to get me by until the internet is connected?

I give up Telstra, I really do.

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