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New Year, Same Me

Fitness Goals 2018

Every January, the gym packs out with people on their New Year's resolutions - keen to make a fresh start and make sure this year is better than last. There isn’t anything wrong with that, but so often, by mid-February I see the gyms empty out and these same people with ambitious plans to train 5 x a week, eat clean and do everything perfect have started to disappear.

It is important that when making new plans or resolutions for the upcoming year, that you set yourself small, measurable and attainable goals. I can't overemphasise how important the SMALL part is. Small achievements and wins build on each other, giving you the self-confidence and belief that anything is possible If you try to tell yourself you are going to the gym 6 x a week this year when you have a full-time job, 2 kids, a sick dog and God knows what else, chances are you are fooling yourself. And what's worse, when you fail at your goal by week 6, that feeling of disappointment and failure compounds and decreases motivation and self-belief. The exact opposite happens when you set SMALL goals for yourself.

This New Year, I want you to set a goal so simple, so easy, that NO MATTER WHAT - you know you can achieve it i.e. Drink 2 cups of water a day. It might sound stupid to you, but trust me, sticking to your small goal consistently no matter what will develop a feeling of self pride and worth - leading you to take on other small and attainable goals. So this New Year, do yourself a favour and set the bar very low.

Coach Sean

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