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The Most Common Mistake I See At The Gym

Bench Pressing

No matter what your goal is, there isn’t a reason to train only one body part when you come to the gym! People still have a misconception that they should split body parts up, and train them once a week. When you train a muscle, a muscle building ‘signal’ is sent out, instructing the body to build more lean mass so the next bout of similar exercise will be easier, and this signal lasts for 2-3 days.

If you are only training a muscle once a week, lets say chest on a Monday, you will send a strong muscle building signal out for that muscle to grow hopefully until Wednesday. That means Thursday - Sunday, you are missing out on that signal being sent out and 4 days of potential growth - Instead of doing 20 sets on one body part per day, get a coach (like myself) to help you design a plan where you still do the same amount of sets per week, but split it up throughout the week, EG - MONDAY - 10 SETS WEDNESDAY - 5 SETS SATURDAY 5 SETS - The total amount of volume (working sets) will be the same, but the end result will mean there is a longer signal being sent out for the muscle to grow and you (over time) will gain more muscle - Coach Sean

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