What It's Like to be an Actor

Alex Radu

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be an actor? I certainly have and when I recently interviewed Alex Radu who has been featured in a number of films and plays, I decided to get the lowdown on what it's like to be an actor.

Alex’s latest role is in The BIG Movie Company’s latest production of the upcoming Australian feature film MYALL CREEK. Produced by Tania Marino and Directed by Brad Diebert, this untold story is set in Australia in 1838 and based on a true story were Alex plays a wealthy landowner, and member of the jury in a unprecedented, historical court case in Australian history. Alex had the pleasure of working next to legendary Roy Billing.

Alex Radu

When did you decide to be an actor?

I remember being cast in my first high school production when I was 13 and that really sparked this feeling of excitement but not just that it was also a feeling of passion, a feeling of wanting to perform so badly and after my first show I never stopped acting!

What has been your favourite character role to date?

Tricky one because I love the roles I get casted in but if I was to choose, I’d go by genre, I love Action/Drama. I played ‘The Kid’ in an action film as the lead Actor and it involved heaps of action and fighting scenes. In that role I had to be a tough kid who dealt with a rough childhood, no parents, drugs, guns, trouble etc I was a street boxer and a trouble maker. Haha got to have a bit of fun! I loved the training involved, the scene locations, the character itself was a great challenge and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

What ambitions have you got for yourself?

My ambitions are to book a recurring role on a hit show, such as (and as some of my favourites) ‘Modern Family’ and ‘The Punisher’. Including, feature roles within the genre of ‘Live By Night’, ‘American Gangster’ and ‘Fury’ films. My goal is to travel the world and work with Directors like Ron Howard, David Ayer, Christopher Nolan, Ben Affleck etc and play lead roles that inspire and entertain people. Later in my career I see myself producing films. I love to learn and grow as an actor everyday as I am always prepared and disciplined in my craft. I am very much looking forward to working in the next Oscar & Emmy Award series and roles featuring alongside Denzel Washington!

Alex Radu

Where did you train and what method of acting do you prefer?

I did my acting degree in film, tv and theatre at the well renown acting school The Actors Workshops in Brisbane. Throughout my degree I studied legends such as Brecht, Grotowsky, Stanislavsky, Shakespeare and Stella Adler, I also did Improvisation and Method acting. I work organically, but I also love to do heavy research for my characters. I can be a physical actor but my work can also be more subtle and internal. I honestly don’t have a favourite because they’re all wonderful and different in their own way.

What advice do you have for others who want to get into acting?

Make you sure absolutely love it! It is definitely an awesome industry to be in but you really have to put the work in. You must be a creator and not a competitor, many don’t understand that and it really is the key to success! Always give value to people, be kind, honest, loyal and be yourself! Treat people with respect. Get involved in as many productions as you can, go and study, do acting workshops, read books! Master your craft! You must take small steps. Inch by inch life’s a cinch, yard by yard life is hard as John Bytheway said and I couldn't agree more. Patience is key!

Alex Radu

How many roles have you played to date?

I honestly can’t think of the exact number but definitely in the 10’s.

Tell me about the casting experience? How do you get the gigs?

The casting process is one of my favourites because I love being in front of casting directors! Going to auditions is like going to a job interview except I find it exciting and fun every time! When I have an audition I like to sit down and do my character work, add notes on the script, and always aim to make each character unique and make them shine before going into the audition. I also have a great relationship with my agent, which I believe it is very important.

Who is your favourite actor or actress?

Denzel Washington