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Sydney’s Heritage built on Sandstone and intricate Architecture

Sandstone Sydney

I have a special affinity with sandstone. My father, now 83, was one of the rare and old school stonemasons. I say was, he still is it’s just that he doesn’t work anymore. My dad actually built a lot of the sandstone walls around Darling Harbour and his skill is quite extraordinary. Sydney is full of historical sandstone buildings and architecture. Some of it so intricate I wonder how on earth these talented stonemasons of years gone by had the patience to create the work they have.

Biennale Sydney

It seems with modern day improvements we are losing a lot of that fine artistic approach to buildings but thanks to an innovative property group a new form of developments are happening that involve art, architecture and social wellbeing into every project. TWT Property Group believes that creating beautiful and meaningful spaces for residents should extend much further than the buildings we live in. TWT Property Group position themselves as curators of community establishing quality residential communities that reflect its commitment to art, design and architecture coming together to create ‘Living Works of Art’. It’s the focus on art that I am writing this post as I was invited by TWT Property Group to attend a private tour of the 21st Biennale of Sydney after hours at a function hosted by the company. The photos in this post are some of my favourite artworks from the exhibition.

biennale sydney

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I love Darling Harbour and not just because my dad was involved in the sandstone walls so I’m thrilled to hear that TWT Property Group are adding something extra to this wonderful space in Sydney. The group commissioned Chinese contemporary artist Xia Hang to create a major new public artwork titled Memory Tree, which will transform and become the heart of a new laneway at its NewLife Darling Harbour development.

Biennale Sydney


At Pyrmont, TWT Property Group has delayed its development schedule to excavate the large reserves of sandstone from NewLife Pyrmont site to ensure its future use in renovating heritage buildings across Sydney and beyond. To me, this is very responsible and a show of commitment to our heritage.

TWT Property Group


TWT Property Group’s commitment to the arts extends to encouraging and supporting the arts, and artists, at a local level. TWT Creative Precinct in St Leonards involved the conversion of a number of commercial buildings to be used as creative spaces by the independent arts sector. The Precinct strives to support creativity and reinvigorate the cultural identity of the lower north shore by supporting new and existing, local, creative businesses.

TWT Property Group


As part of the private function on Cockatoo Island, TWT Property Group announced the launch of THECLUB. Property purchasers are invited to become part THECLUB. This group aims to bring together the owners in its developments and helping them live better lives, providing a range of benefits aimed at enriching the lives of members.

  • Referral rewards

  • Purchase rewards & discounts

  • One on one consultation of your choice Including art, lighting and interior styling.

  • Exclusive invitations Access to exclusive art, music, community and other events throughout the year.

Biennale Cockatoo Island


TWT Property Group is the major partner to the 21st Biennale of Sydney and by adding its support helps to provide free access to contemporary art for audiences of all ages, from Sydney, across Australia and all regions of the globe.

Let my photos of some of the artwork entice you to hop on a ferry over to Cockatoo Island and see for yourself this amazing exhibition on the wonderful historical and superb architecture of Cockatoo Island.


DISCLAIMER I was a guest of TWT Property Groups private tour of the Biennale in order that I could bring you this post sponsored by TWT Property Group.

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