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September Horoscopes by Jennifer Angel


September 2018, Monthly Planetary Overview by Jennifer Angel

A month to think big and don’t let anything get in your way.

The close of August

It was all systems go! Mars, the action planet and motivator, out of retrograde on the 27th, and with Mars in Capricorn, engines were revved and ready to go. On the same day, Mercury and Jupiter squared, reminding you to check the details, and not become so distracted that you gloss over important data.

It was a month to get your act together in whatever area is most important to you, so that new exciting changes can take place in September.

Week one – September 03-09 On September 5th, Mercury the communication planet will make his move to Virgo, one of the signs he rules, and the energy will help you be more analytical, intellectual and communicative, all great traits to have and master.

September 6th, Saturn will come out of retrograde, and lighten the energy, the hard work that you’ve put in over the past months can start to formulate as you put positive plans in place for the future now.

September 7th, as the Sun is opposite Neptune, the energy sparks your imagination, and along with it, helps you get in touch with your inner most dreams, hopes and wishes for yourself and your life. However, to keep your energy even, this is a good time to indulge in clean living, rather than substances that alter your consciousness. The cleaner you can live during this time, the more enlightened messages you will receive.

September 8th, Venus and Mars will form a somewhat challenging square, which will mean that you need to pay close attention to matters of love and money. Try to avoid making rash decisions. Shortly after, on the 9th, Venus will enter Scorpio, where it will stay for the rest of the year. It is electric and intense energy, which can be exhilarating, but if you’re not careful, it can also be manipulative. Also, on the 9th, the Virgo new Moon energy can settle energy between you and other. However, be careful of being critical. Sometimes, the least said the better.

Week two – September 10-16

The intense energy of last week is now replaced by softer planetary formations, which will provide some thinking reflecting time, however, there can also be some surprises. Mars will reenter Aquarius, which gets you thinking about how you can do things differently. It’s time to step out the box to be original and unique.

Transformational Pluto interacts favorably with powerful Sun energy on the 11th, and with Mercury on the 15th, both can heighten your sense of who you are where you, where you are and where you want to be in your life. Allow your mind to expand and think big!

A Venus Uranus opposition on the 12th is a message to expect the unexpected, nothing is out of the realms of possibility now. Be careful not to have a misunderstanding around the 13th when Mercury will oppose Neptune, as this is a time when you want to look for facts, not fiction or hearsay.

Week three - September 17-23

September 18th, assertive and sometimes aggressive Mars, will square Uranus for the final time this year. In the process, the energy can set up conflict and disruptive behavior, so be careful not to get in the firing line of someone else’s angry stance.

On the 21st, when Mercury enters Libra, this will soften any upsetting energy and provide the chance to have a much calmer discussion to resolve any disagreement or difference of opinion.

Saturday 22nd, the Sun will also make its move to Libra, signifying the autumn equinox where the days and nights are equal in time. It’s a perfect time to relook at your daily routine to check that you are giving energy and time to things and people in your life who are most important to you.

Week four - September 24-30

The full Moon on the 24th in Aries, which is the Moon in Aries and Sun in Libra, both will square Saturn in Capricorn on the 25th. This focuses your attention on responsibilities and what needs to be completed to keep your life heading in the right direction. On the 27th, a favorable connection between the Sun and Mars gets you focused on your goals.

Pluto will come out of retrograde on the 30th, and as its in Capricorn, allows you to have a realistic look at life and be able to step forward to make positive changes. A powerful way to finish the month!


October kick starts with intense energy that pushes you forward. Hold on tight, and be prepared to move out of your comfort zone so you can move into a new empowered existence.


By Jennifer Angel

September 2018

A month to think big and don’t let anything get in your way.


This is a productive month and the astral movement and interaction influence all your major areas of life. You are socially active. And Venus in your love zone for the start of the month highlights romance. The full Moon in your sign later in the month gives you the opportunity to discard anything or anyone not working well for you and start afresh, you can make constructive changes. The new Moon on the 9th gets you organized with systems and routines so you are more productive. This is also a month to focus on your personal presentation as well as your health and wellbeing. With business, watch out for chance meetings, influential people can help move your dream from fantasy to reality, especially with financial matters. Everything is headed in the right direction. Be patient and play the chess game of life.


Relationships continue to be top of mind, and with the new Moon energy as well as Venus, your ruler, moving to your relationships zone, you can expect love to be romantic and passionate. Some of you can meet someone new and exciting now and couples can take love to the next stage. The full Moon this month can highlight what you don’t want and provide you with the motivation and imagination to change your life for the better. There’s a new start with Mars back in your career, and news can come through this month, information that you’ve been waiting on. News about your home environment and family can also be welcomed. Your life can take a giant step forward now. Have faith and stay positive.


Looking for love? You’re in luck, love goddess Venus starts the month off in area where you can cross paths with someone amazing. In relationship, you can work your magic on a love mate, or if you are single, on a prospective partner. A discussion about monetary matters could open different options to consider as to how you move forward. Gathering knowledge and working with others is the key to success now. The one thing you want to do this month with any decisions is make sure they will be suitable for the long term, not just for now. And with Mars making a move back to your ninth house, this is the perfect time to dream big and get some plans and goals set for your future. You can expect to be busier than usual this month and your mind will run overtime with ideas and concepts worth sharing!


Early in the month, new Moon energy can open the airwaves for discussion and conversation to take place. Listen carefully to what’s being said and offered, something or someone interesting can appear during this time. There’s a favorable connection between Mars and Jupiter, which is all about love and romance, so if you are looking for love, then your dreams can become real now. And the full Moon later in the month can close one door and open another to do with work, business or your career. This is a positive time where family, friends and colleagues can all be there to provide support, but as usual, choose carefully who you allow to take up residence in your personal space.


Love and money can mix this month, but in a good way, what happens next can change your game plan, but it can work out to be more suitable than how you were operating before. Activities around the home are also enjoyable and making your abode a place that is comfortable and secure could take your time, attention and energy. With Mars’ energy back in your love zone, for singles, work on getting your home base set up for future entertaining. And for couples, you can ignite the passion in your relationship. You are a strong leadership sign, Leo, and you can put your skills into action by taking charge and being in control at work. New Moon vibration indicates a new start with money; the decisions you make this month and agreements you enter into can provide a good return.


With the Sun in your sign for most of the month, and interacting with Neptune in your love zone, if you are single, you could meet someone you feel in tune with. And for couples, you get a chance to being lighthearted and not so serious. So, don’t sit home glued to the TV or chained to the desk, it’s time to get out and let others know how fabulous you are. Your annual new Moon on the 9th will provide the energy to review, and renew your life in many areas, including your love life. The full Moon later in the month in your area of intimacy, can highlight any awkwardness between you and someone else and give you an opportunity to build a closer bond. Your business life gets a boost, and with the help of action Mars, you can feel run off your feet. The key to your success always and particularly now, is to get organized. But don’t rush into any major decisions, take your time and do what is right for you.


Abundant Jupiter in your money zone for another few months, puts focus on financial needs, analysis, budgeting and saving. As Venus moves from your sign to your money zone early in the month, beware of impulsive purchases with shiny objects you really don’t need. Opportunities can be presented now, especially with family or your home in some way. Romance is important with love, but don’t forget, friendship is the glue that keeps everything together. The powerful energy of the Sun will move to your sign later in the month, and something or someone fabulous and unexpected can come through, particularly as the full Moon is opposite in your love zone. This energy gives you a chance to review and renew your relationship/s or clear out people from your life who really are not good energy for you. It’s a chance to sort out and discard anything that is way overdue. Watch for connections this month, people and situations can come together unexpectedly.

Scorpio Venus, the love goddess, moves to your sign this month and as such, is a great time to focus on relationships, especially as an opposition between the Sun and Neptune can put pressure on friendships and your love partner. Things may not be as they seem, so you will need to delve a little deeper to find the truth about a matter. A little romancing and fantasizing can relieve the stresses of the week, as long as you don’t stay there for too long, because as usual, there is business to attend to. Family matters in particular get your attention this month, and what happens next can provide a great deal of insight. Put time aside to reflect and gain clarity as to what you want to do next. It’s all systems go, stay focused, but also incorporate some life balance.


Jupiter, the planet of abundance, known as the lucky planet, interacts with motivational Mars, and can send you a financial opportunity that can be advantageous for your future. The Sun in your career zone for most of the month, along with the energy of the new Moon, indicates a new start at work that is exciting and fulfilling, and one that will take you forward on solid ground. This is your year to bring your dreams to fruition, and almost magically, people can reach out to help you be successful. With love, the energy of the full Moon can either kick start your love life, allow you to work on solutions for old issues, or present a new opening in some way, which can often occur from closing off a part of your life. Your life can take off now in a big way. Stay the course, do what you do best, and keep your eye on the end result.


With motivational planet Mars moving out of your sign and into your money zone again, you are cautioned to avoid overspending or impulsive spending. On the other hand, a favorable interaction between Mars and the Sun can be the rocket you need to set your career and bank balance on fire, all the way to the top. Your career zone is hot with activity. This is your time to progress, Capricorn, and there is no time to waste on things that are not of your highest priority. Set goals and have a big vision. When your vision and purpose is big, you can easily overcome any obstacles along the way. This is a very productive time, but you need to be strict about who and what you allow to take up your time and energy to accomplish what’s on your to-do-list. With love, a development can come out of the blue. The full Moon highlights family and home environment, where you can make changes that are more suitable. And the new Moon supports your vision and soul purpose for love, money and career.


With Mars back in your sign, you can expect to be busier than usual, literally run off your feet, but it’s a good motivating energy that will allow you to move a mountain of work. However, to do so, you do need to get organized, otherwise you can end up just spinning your wheels. Venus will move to your career zone and spend the rest of the year there, and the energy can connect you with people who can help you move forward with your plans. The full Moon in your area of communication warns you not to be tempted to say the first thing on your mind – think before you speak. The energy this month can provide you with realizations about where your life is heading and with who, and planetary interactions during the month, puts focus and importance on building friendships that are good for you, positive and not negative.


There is a new start with new Moon energy early in the month in your love zone and leading up to this time it would be advantages for you to revisit or start a love list. To attract the love you want, you first need to know what that is. Mercury, the communication planet, will move to your love zone, and makes it possible to have a deep and meaningful conversation with a friend or partner. Your social zone is also hoping with activity and with Mars and Jupiter presenting you with opportunities, a social gathering could end up with a significant introduction to someone. Get organized so nothing important falls through the cracks. Others will demand your attention, but don’t take your focus on love, business or money matters.


Jennifer Angel

Jennifer is resident astrologer to one of America’s most successful celebrity and entertainment magazines – Star!

Perhaps most well known for her work in New York’s Daily News, with a following of over one million readers, Jennifer attracted even more followers at with weekly videos, articles, including predictions on celebrity couples, sports teams, mayors, and presidents.

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