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October Horoscopes by Jennifer Angel



By Jennifer Angel


The sands are shifting! This is a powerful time and if a door closes, you can expect another one to open. Someone significant can make a difference in your life now with your career or love life or both. But just because fate seems to step in, don’t assume anything; it is still up to

you to be proactive and follow through. A discussion after the 9th can settle a past issue. You can either have renewed hope or decide to cut the love ties and move on, the choice is yours. Dress for success to win with both in love and work.


The energy of the full Moon in your sign can shift old patterns. Don’t sit in the back stalls at work; with the influence of Mars, you can move forward with passion and determination. Work arrangements can clear up, as well as travel activities. And when it concerns your love life, with Venus going retrograde in your love zone, don’t beat abound the bush, be straightforward and speak from your heart. When you do, you could be pleasantly surprised that there is a solution to a perceived problem.


The influence of the new Moon shines a bright light on your life, and with an abundance of activity in your area of productivity, you can put plans into action and move forward with confidence into an exciting new future. However, with Venus going retrograde you will need to look after your overall well-being and don’t let your own needs fall to the bottom of the list. To make a difference in your life, both with your romantic life and career, aim to feel great in mind, body and spirit.


This month’s new Moon focuses your attention back at the home base, and with family. A Conversation after the 9th can reveal what happens next with a new relationship. You need a love partner who is sensitive and honest and that’s exactly the type of person you can attract now. However, Venus goes retrograde, so you may find yourself dealing with a past love lesson. A friend can suddenly appear, which can brighten your world and heart. If a different situation with a friend is not what it seems, the energy of the full Moon towards the end of the month can suddenly uncover the true story.


A discussion with family may not provide the outcome you expect. And if it concerns your personal life in some way, or love life, remember, it’s your life to live and you are in control. Don’t allow anyone to dictate what you should or shouldn’t be doing and who with. There is a new start in the stars this month at work and with business, and it may be time for you to take a stand in some way. A creative opportunity can open up that can be advantageous for your career, but think through the pros and cons before you agree or disagree to anything.


Your bank account can get a boost during the first two weeks of this month, or the promise of additional cash can come your way. A creative project can get the go-ahead but be prepared to make some allowances, especially as Venus goes retrograde, which means either a past situation or a monetary issue may need your attention. Romance is in the stars and an intellectual connection with someone looks fabulous but beware of entering into a discussion with a sensitive topic, which can easily get out of hand.


New Moon energy makes anything possible this month. If you want to attract extra cash, it’s on the radar, but be careful, with Venus going retrograde there is also a lure to spend up big. And at work, planet Mars can tempt you to get involved with risky business, so you want to aim for win-win outcomes. Plan your day and get organized to be productive. Be idealistic and think big but be mindful to also be realistic as life will inevitably come with a set of compromises. Don’t shy away from love just because a discussion gets emotional. And for singles, be honest and open, from day one.


Later this month, the Sun will move to your sign, signifying Scorpio birthday! It is the start of your next solar cycle, making it a perfect time to review and reset your goals, dreams, hopes and wishes. The full Moon can make life seem intense with love or close relationships, but your intuition is sharp so pay attention to it. Family will need your attention too, so make time for them. A discussion with someone influential can unlock a door for business and financial reward, but be careful of making past mistakes.


With an abundance of planets close by, you could feel inspired to make your dreams, hopes and wishes a reality. This is a perfect time to look at how secure your life is and build solid foundations to move forward with confidence. Early in the month, friends can be supportive. However, if a situation concerns money, be careful of doing business with those you’re close to. If you do, make sure everyone is aware of what they are accountable for. With love, keep in mind, there are always some compromises to make, but at the same time, keep your sights high and don’t settle on your values.


Your career can take off successfully this month with a new start in the stars. You can be lucky with a financial situation, too, however, before you rush forward with a money-making idea, wait to see what others do. Be strategic and think things through. On the love scene, you may need to let go of something or someone in order to invite a new situation or person in to your life. Be open to what comes next, whether it’s love or work, you have more than one option to consider. Be positive, believe in yourself and expect the best!


Love can be romantic and fanciful; a beautiful experience! And with Mars in your sign, you can connect with someone who gets your heart racing and raises your temperature. Enjoy it while you can, because sooner or later, you will have to come back to day-to-day reality and focus on your career. A situation that has financial implications can shift this month, too, and as your career zone is full of action your work life can transform during this time. Focus your attention on building business that is secure and will endure the test of time.


Love is in the air! With Venus, Mercury and Jupiter all in your solar ninth house at some point during the month, you could meet someone whom you feel a soul connection with but beware of repeating or attracting past love issues. If in a relationship, plan a date for just the two of you and create your ideal future together! Someone on your social scene can step forward and be supportive at work. Dust off an old proposal; it could just go ahead now, but keep in mind with Venus going retrograde, you will want to choose carefully who you do business with.


OCTOBER 2018, Monthly Planetary Overview 
by Jennifer Angel

Be courageous! Leave the past behind, step out of your comfort zone and transform your life!

The close of September

The full Moon on the 24th in Aries, which was the Moon in Aries and Sun in Libra, both squared Saturn in Capricorn on the 25th. This focused your attention on responsibilities and what needed to be completed to keep your life headed in the right direction. On the 27th, a favorable connection between the Sun and Mars helped you stay focused on your goals.

Pluto came come out of retrograde on the 30th, in Capricorn, and allowed you to have a realistic look at your life to step forward and make positive changes. A powerful finish the month of September!

Week one – OCTOBER 01-07 
October starts off with a confrontation between the Sun and Moon, which can set up a conflict between how you feel, what you want to do and what you feel you should do. The Moon moves fast so if use the energy over these next few days to get in touch with what’s happening in your life and around you, you can make sense of things. It’s important now to disregard what you don’t want in your life, so you can move forward on a more positive journey.

There is also another square between Mercury and Pluto on the same day, which reminds you to find the positive in people, and if you can’t find anything positive to talk about then perhaps, it’s best to say nothing.

Venus in Scorpio will enter its retrograde transit on October 5th right through to November 16th. This transit will focus your attention on relationships, and for some, monetary issues, which can present situations or opportunities. It can especially highlight anything from the past that needs to be resolved. The energy of Venus in Scorpio can get pretty intense so if you come head to head with an old issue then you are best to deal with it once and for all, no matter how sensitive, awkward or challenging.

Week two – OCTOBER 08-14

This week begins with the bright energy of a new Moon in Libra, which can help offset the intense energy of Venus retrograde in Scorpio. On the 9th, Mercury will make its move to Scorpio as well and during this time you can find that your discussions become more serious and deeper, especially when it relates to relationships.

The very next day, on the 10th, a conflict between love duo planets Mars and Venus, can place further attention on your relationships, however, as Mars is involved there could definitely be a passionate make-up. Friday the 12th beware of power struggles when the Sun squares Pluto and remember that not all things in life are worth going into battle for.

Week three - OCTOBER 15-21

Communication planet Mercury connects with love goddess Venus in Scorpio, and this can create a space that allows you to deal with a tricky or sensitive situation that relates to love, relationships or money. And even though it can be a somewhat confronting situation it will be best to get to the bottom of it.

On Friday the 19th, Mercury will then have a favorable interaction with Neptune. However, at the same time, will form a square with Mars so life can get confusing and unsettled. If things don’t go your way or perhaps someone else’s way, you want to watch out for irritable or even angry behavior and make sure you step sideways so you are not in the firing line.

Week four - OCTOBER 22-28

October 23, as the Sun makes its move from Libra to Scorpio you have a chance to heal the past in some way. Then on the next day, the 24th, full moon energy in Taurus focuses your attention on transformation, however, the Taurus energy is not always open to change so you will need to ‘feel the fear’ and do it anyway. Remember that when life gets messy that’s when life is changing. On the 26, when Venus and the Sun connect in Scorpio this added energy will help push you out of your comfort zone and straight into a new reality.

Week five - OCTOBER 29-31

The month of October concludes with some beneficial, almost destined, energy between the Scorpio Sun and Cancer Moon, which can provide an opportunity to let go of emotional baggage that could be holding you back from embracing the life you desire. And on the 30th, when Mercury enters Sagittarius, there’s a sense of adventure and optimism to embrace November.


Jennifer Angel

Jennifer is resident astrologer to one of America’s most successful celebrity and entertainment magazines – Star!

Perhaps most well known for her work in New York’s Daily News, with a following of over one million readers, Jennifer attracted even more followers at with weekly videos, articles, including predictions on celebrity couples, sports teams, mayors, and presidents.

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