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High-Paying, Consumer-Facing Career Moves for College Leavers

It’s not unusual for graduates and college leavers to get a customer-facing role after they qualify or graduate. And as a rule, we often think of these types of roles as stopgaps until you find something more suited to your degree. However, if you have always enjoyed serving people, there are plenty of career moves you can take in customer-facing roles that can be incredibly good for your long-term earning power. This guide shows some of the jobs out there that prove working with customers doesn’t have to be a career lacking a decent level of pay. Let’s take a look.

jobs for graduates

The basics

First of all, even if you love working with people it’s always best to choose an area that interests you. There is an astonishing array of service roles out there - check here for some examples - and the reality is that not all of them will be suitable. So, while falling into the first role you come across in the service industry is a good way to get you into the workplace right away, always keep an eye out for something more sustainable in the long-term.

Personal assistant work

A lot of people turn their noses up at personal assistant work. The truth is if you find the right role in the right company, it can be incredibly well-paid and rewarding. Personal assistants can thrive in the right company, I should know I was one for years and as an ex recruiter I've placed many a high calibre PA in a well paid job. And if you end up working for a top executive in law, medicine or government, you could be taking home anything up to $30 an hour - or more.

Retail sales

Again, another job that many won’t look into - and that puts you at an immediate advantage. Of course, your standard pay packet might not be worth writing home about. But if you can get a retail job with commission for every sale you make, then there is virtually no limit to what you can earn. Look for high ticket stores that sell expensive, sought after products for the best opportunities.

Jobs for graduates

Medical/dental assistant

For those with an interest in providing health care to people but without the highest medical qualifications, how about becoming an assistant? Dental and medical assistants - such as phlebotomists - win on both sides of the coin. Not only do they pay extremely well, but they also give you an opportunity to help others in the best possible way. Furthermore, it’s the perfect opportunity to get some experience if you were to decide to take things further, and perhaps put yourself through med school at some point in the future.

Client relations

Finally, consider a client relations role if you want to have a great time and meet with your organization’s most important customers. You’ll be assigned with specific clients to look after and make sure that they are happy - either with their products or with the service your company gives them. Keep your clients happy, and you will be rewarded appropriately.

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