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Sydney Getaways: 3 Must-Try Campervan Road Trip Ideas

3 Must-Try Sydney Campervan Road Trip Ideas

Sydney is most definitely an attractive destination with many touristy spots and experiences to offer. You'll probably think of the iconic Opera House or the Harbour Bridge each time this Australian beauty comes to mind. Whether you're a local or not, there's another enjoyable thing you can do in Sydney aside from strolling around and marvelling at what the urban scenery has to offer. If you're wondering what that is, here's a clue: three words and a great adventure in one —campervan road trips.

If it's your first time embarking on a road excursion in Sydney and you need a camper van, fret not. There are handy sites like Camper Champ where you can compare rental brands and book the best vehicle for your trip. You won't run out of exciting places to visit and thrilling adventures to try! But even if this is not your first time in Sydney and you just want to make your trip more enjoyable and one for the books, you've come to the right place. Below are some must-try Sydney campervan road trip ideas you could try for a getaway to remember:

1. Try an open-ended trip

Open-ended road trips are can be challenging but fun as it comes with surprises along the road, quite literally. You can make the journey easier by looking for an accessible route that'll be convenient not just for you as the driver but for your company, as well. Whether travelling with friends or family, it's recommended that you opt for an itinerary that'll be most convenient for everyone, especially if it's your first time.

Sydney Campervan Road Trip Ideas

Unless you want a taste of the Australian Outback, opting for well-maintained roads is your safest bet. Make sure you plan ahead and research well on routes that'll lead you to smaller towns or cities you want to visit. If you're coming from Sydney, one option you can take is the Moss Vale Road which is only more or less two hours away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Going north on Moss Vale Road will lead you to stunning spots like the Kangaroo Valley and the Barrengary Nature Reserve. (1)

Should you feel like continuing the journey, you can go further north and take Nowra Road. You'll reach the Moss Vale town, where you'll enjoy a fair share of history, heritage, bar tours, and retail therapy. (2)

2. Ply the Sydney to Melbourne Coastal Drive route

If your idea of a road trip involves getting on a coastal drive away from Sydney, taking the Melbourne route might just tickle your fancy. The stretch is filled with adventure and charm, all thanks to its stunning view of ancient volcanoes, unspoilt beaches, and panoramic coastlines. You’ll also find there are more than enough hotspots along the way where you can stop by and stretch your arms and legs after hours of driving. (3)

Your itinerary will depend on how long you’re planning to get on the road. It could be a day tour, a weekend-long trip, or perhaps one that’ll take several days to satisfy your craving for excitement and new experiences. To give you an idea, a three-day escapade is enough to get to several must-see destinations that won’t disappoint if you’re looking for a change of scenery, a fair share of peace and quiet, or maybe some exhilarating activities you can enjoy with your gang.

hyams beach jarvis bay

To kick off the trip, drive through Wollongong and be amazed by its vibrant yet rugged charm. “The Gong,” as they like to call it, is a coastal city beautifully tucked between the sea and mountains in the Illawarra region. Be sure to check out some of its irresistible spots including the Sea Cliff Bridge, Coalcliff Beach, and the Illawarra Brewery. Past the Gong, you can carry on with your road trip by driving further until you reach more idyllic and stunning stops such as the Village of Jamberoo, Jervis Bay, and Kiama. For overnight stops, there’s also a handful of options to choose from, with the likes of Ulladulla, Murramarang, Eden, and Lakes Entrance. (3)

3. Experience a wine road trip

Suppose you're yearning for a long drive and want to experience something new as you get on with your campervan getaway in Sydney. If so, you can choose to explore a hidden gem tucked away in the Central Tablelands region. If you go straight ahead through the M31 motorway, you'll end up discovering a series of small towns that are home to some of the best wineries in Australia. (4)

The journey should take more or less five hours, with the Gundaroo town as the idea first stop. Be sure to stop by Lerida Estate and ask for a serving or two of their truffle dishes to go with the wine samples you're about to try. Next to Gundaroo are other small but equally-charming towns such as Murrumbateman and Harden, where you'll find great wineries including Helm Wines, Clonakilla, and Dionysus Winery. (4)

young cherry capital of NSW

If you still have time, don't miss a visit to a town called Young, also dubbed as the Cherry Capital of Australia, owing it to their annual Cherry Festival. You can sample wine varieties and young cherries if you wish, or you can also get off the road for a while and enjoy a picnic at Lambing Flat Chinese Tribute Garden. (5)

The bottom line

Getting on your campervan for an authentic Australian road trip getaway is always a good idea. Exploring Sydney will surely be memorable and fun, whether it's just for the whole day or an entire long weekend. You can go with your family, friends, or anyone you fancy. The key is to plan your routes accordingly so you'll know what to expect while on the road.



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