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3 Things That Might Bring Down the Value of Your Home

3 Things That Might Bring Down the Value of Your Home

Your house is your greatest project - no matter how many you have!

When starting to think about selling your house, there are many loose ends to be tied. Forgetting some along the way could bring down the value of your house.

It’s easy to fall in love with your home, with all the sentiments attached to it and memories made within its walls, you can become blinded by your own ideals. As you prepare to sell your house, you have to lift the veil to see where to flaws may be.

Here are common, and often sneaky surprises that might bring down the value of your home;

Changes to the Area

House moves are strongly influenced by the area that surrounds the house.

Whether you are moving to be closer to family or your job; access to amenities, schools and outdoor areas always boost the value of a property. To add to this, the safety and quality of the houses around you matter too.

While the area may have been great when you moved, things change. Perhaps the local school was relocated or the supermarket closed down. Maybe the once beautiful area is no longer what it once was. Everything matters.

With the effects of the pandemic, shops and restaurants have closed as it became more and more difficult for businesses to survive. This can affect the value of your property significantly.

Unfinished or Cheap Renovations

Projects can take time. They can also cost much more money than you thought that they would.

Projects that are unfinished or have clear signs of costs being cut cheapen the value of your home.

As your life project, it’s only natural that you have big dreams for what your house will look like. Even if it takes years, finish your renovations well and be proud your work.

When it comes to valuing your property and thinking about selling, set money and time aside to complete any unfinished work. The effort that you invest into these projects will be returned to you when you sell your house.


Pets and Unwanted Guests

When you have pets, you become accustomed to their smell. While your regular cleaning routine may combat a strong odor, the light lingering smell of pets is often what catches house owners out.

Deep cleaning everything from your curtains to your couches will reduce this as smells stick to fabrics the most.

Unwanted guests in your home are something that you will no doubt be conscious of. The cockroaches, spiders, and the presence of ants are a constant battle that is fought with both cleanliness and determination.

Flies, termites and dust mites are common pests that are often present in your home that you have either accepted or just can’t see them. However, pests in all forms can bring down your house value.

Before putting your house up for sale, have pest control services visit, identify, and offer a resolution for your pest problems, no matter how big or small.

As you look to sell your house, attention to detail is everything. Before the house goes on the market, take your time to go through all of the essentials and keep an eye out for the fine details that might affect the value of your home.

By finishing your projects, and identifying any possibilities that could affect your house’s value, your house will find its new owners successfully.


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