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5 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Gift

5 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Gift

Gift-giving is a loving gesture many people enjoy doing. Whether you are the giver or the recipient, there is always a feeling of contentment that comes with the gesture. In Australia, 77% of women are more likely to present gifts than men. Despite the joys of giving, there are things to consider. These often act as guidelines to help you choose the right gift for the appropriate occasion. If you don’t want to give generic gifts, these points may help.

1. Will the recipient misinterpret your gift and get offended?

Unfortunately, certain gifts are often misconstrued by recipients. Personal care products like perfume sets, new deodorant ranges, hairbrushes, etc., seem to gain notoriety when presented as gifts. A receiver may think a deodorant gift set is a subtle way of informing them about body odour. While that may not have been your intention, it’s easy for the receiver to think so. In the long run, such misconceptions can destroy friendships if left unexplained.

Other gifts often misinterpreted are intimates and politically oriented or religious gifts. It may be fine and acceptable if the receiver is someone you know very well and have a close personal relationship with. Anything outside this circle may be a recipe for a huge misunderstanding. Therefore, whenever you decide to go on a gift-giving spree, you may want to pay closer attention to the item. The last thing you want to do is start a feud when you intend to show love.

2. Factor in the occasion

House warming, engagement parties, and weddings are great occasions to present alcohol hampers. Fine wine or champagne bottles can make a difference at these social events. However, it may not be an ideal gift for a baby shower. For this reason, it’s crucial to know the occasion before planning your gift.

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3. A physical item or an experience

Sometimes, the occasion will determine if the receiver should be given a physical gift or an experience. The truth, however, is that an experience is often more memorable. It also shows that you put a lot of effort into the planning process. In a few instances, though, a physical item may overshadow an experience. That depends on the type of gift. For example, a unique ornament that could become a family heirloom for the recipient is an excellent gift choice.

The whole point of whether the gift would be appreciated depends on the mental and emotional feelings it evokes. Once again, you can gamble with any of these two only if the recipient is someone known to you personally. However, if it is a professional relationship, you may want to consider other factors before deciding whether you gift them an item or experience.

4. Consider their hobbies and interests

It’s usually easier and more convenient to shop for a gift when you know exactly what to go for. This is often because of in-depth knowledge of the recipient’s hobbies and interests. For example, if the person loves to cook, top-of-the-range kitchen utensils can be excellent. Do this only if you can afford it. If the person loves art, the gift choices are endless.

5. Find out about allergies and dietary restrictions

One of the worst things in gift-giving is getting it all wrong. This is usually the problem when presenting foods or personal care products. People have allergies and dietary restrictions. Until you know your recipient's specific issues, you may want to choose a safer gift item like art.

Although it may seem like too much to consider, gift-giving is a great way to show love to people around you. And it pays to do it right. It


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