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6 Things To Do And See In The North Of Australia

Territory Travellers: 6 Things To Do And See In The North

When travelling around Australia, there are few more beautiful and photo-worthy destinations than the northern end. From the subtropical climates to incredible views, it's a destination like no other. With much to do and see, it can be tricky deciding what to prioritise on your trip to the north. No matter what your journey looks like, whether it's a stay at a luxury Hilton hotel in Cairns or a simple backpacker option, narrowing in on the to-do list can be challenging. Here is our vote on the six things to do and see in the north.

Daintree Rainforest

One of the best attractions of the north and a must-do for any trip is the Daintree Rainforest. The Daintree is one of the most biologically diverse rainforests in the world. This wonder of the north is home to fauna and flora alike, boasting 30% of the country's frog population and 65% of the butterfly population. The rainforest covers an enormous 1200 square kilometres of the far north and dates back over 180 million years. As if that wasn't reason enough to check out this beautiful rainforest, it's also a gateway to other magical spots like Cape Tribulation, one of the north's national parklands.

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park

One of the most exciting places on any bucket list is the Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory. This must-see destination is home to natural savanna woodlands, floodplains and billabongs for all Travellers to appreciate. With an exciting range of activities to entertain, like walks, crocodile spotting and bird watching, Kakadu is a must add to any travellers list when planning a trip north.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is not only a must-see for any holidaymaker. It's also one of seven natural wonders of the world. If that isn't reason enough to add it to your list, it also comprises over 2,900 individual reefs and is home to many ecological communities. Snorkelling or scuba diving on this natural wonder is an experience like no other and is something every traveller should experience. You can see the reef on a budget or see it in style through your Cairns hotel, so rest assured there is an option for you.



One of the world's most famous and well-known sights is Uluru. Although this wonder is technically closer to the middle of Australia, its home is still within the Northern Territory. Sacred to our indigenous people, this fascinating sandstone monolith formed over 550 million years ago, which is pretty hard to process! Measuring 863 metres in elevation and around 3.6 kilometres long, this incredible sight is a must-see. Adding Uluru to your trip north is something that will create a beautiful memory.

Whitsunday islands

Whitsunday Islands

If walking and physical activity doesn't sound like your idea of a holiday, then one of the 74 islands in the Whitsunday Islands might be for you. There are a lot of uninhabited islands in the Whitsundays, but two you are going to want to add to your list are Hayman and Daydream Island. Worthy of any Instagram reel, these islands boast luxury and beaches as you've never seen. If relaxation and rejuvenation are your goals, then the Whitsundays is the place for you.

Barron Falls

If nature is a must-see for any of your trips, then Barron Falls is something you can't afford to miss on your journey north. These falls, travelling from the Atherton tablelands to the coastal plains near Cairns, descend an impressive 125 meters or 410 feet. Barron Falls sees 30 cubic meters of water drop per second; that's 30,000 litres per second, resulting in a surge and rush of calming water you need to see to believe. Adding in the fantastic hike to see Barron Falls and you have a must-do for any trip north.


Holidays are all about making memories, and sometimes it can be hard to pick just a few to create. If you're planning a trip north, consider adding these six must do and see things to your itinerary.


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