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A Dog of Many Talents - Kobe The Pyrenean Mountain Dog

I was initially going to do a travel story about this gorgeous dog, but the more I found out about him I had to share all his talents.

Lincoln Rock Blue Mountains


The Blue Mountains are a popular vacation spot for people all over the globe. Still, they have a reputation for being less than dog-friendly because many of its attractions are located within the national park, which does not allow visitors with pets. But that's not exactly true!

Trails, reserves, lookouts, and parks on local government land where dogs are welcome are somewhat less well-known but just as enticing to explore. The Blue Mountains is a dog's paradise, offering everything from forest trails to waterfall swimming to cliff climbing.

kotes by kobe

Rather than sadly leaving their dogs at home when visiting the Blue Mountains, families with furry children can now plan entire trips around where their dogs would enjoy visiting most - whether that's a swimming hole at the bottom of Minnehaha Falls, a sandstone overhang along Florabella Pass, or a clifftop walk overlooking the Megalong Valley.

With winter making its way in, the crisp cold air is the perfect accompaniment for exploring the more strenuous mountain trails. The Coxs Cave and Ferris Cave Circuits in Mount Piddington Reserve offer a blend of rainforest romps and escarpment views, so you get multiple adventures in one trip. Both trails are popular with climbers, and you will likely meet a few dangling above you while walking! For the more intrepid explorer, try the Porters Pass-Colliers Causeway-Centennial Glen trail.

Kobe The Pyrenean Mountain Dog

But fear not if you prefer something lighter – plenty of easy walks on flat surfaces, suitable for older or less mobile pups. Why not check out a sunset at Lincoln’s Rock, only a short walk from the car park (remember to keep dogs on leashes by the unfenced cliff edge because it’s a long way down!). Or catch some views of the Narrow Neck Plateau and the Megalong Valley from Cahills Lookout. Don’t miss Boars Head Lookout on the short stroll to Cahills Lookout; it looks like a boar!

Kotes by Kobe


Muriel started Kotes by Kobe because she wanted to use his spare floof to keep other pups warm. All Kotes By Kobe clothing and accessories for dogs are made from recycled dog fur, which is processed into a bespoke range of yarns and linings before it gets a new life keeping another dog warm. There are even a few matching garments for humans! Naturally, Kobe can't donate all the fur himself, so much of it is donated.

Seriously this dog has more style than me!


Is there anything this dog doesn't do?

Spun by Australian speciality mill partners, the dog fur is a blend of natural fibres like merino wool or alpaca and synthetics like nylon for added durability.

Kotes by Kobe Yarn

Woof Wool yarns are hand-spun in tiny quantities and are unlike any other yarn in the world. Kotes by Kobe continue to experiment with new fibre blends and colours to expand their selection of yarns, but because each batch contains fur from various dogs, no two batches will ever be identical.

Woof Wool yarns are available in 100-gram skeins for purchase.

Dog Food Recipes


What? He even has his own recipe book and dog beer? It's endless talent with this dog!

The enjoyment of food is unparalleled. A dog's mind and stomach can go into the most delightful tailspins when presented with the infinite combination of textures and flavours that is food. It's crucial to always have a stockpile of food on hand, especially if you're an adventurer and hiker like Kobe.

Kobe Dog Beer

In response to frequent requests for food instructions, Kobe (well Muriel really) compiled his go-to canine-friendly recipes into a cookbook. The 50 recipes in How to Eat Like a Kobe range from some of his favourite main dishes and snacks to sweets for special occasions.

The recipe for my dog beer, Kobeer, is one of Kobe's most treasured possessions. Within Australia, you can now buy Kobeer online.

That does it! Next life I'm coming back as a dog!


I'd like to thank Muriel Wang for introducing me to Kobe and and allowing me to use these photos.


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