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Advice For Finishing A Worthwhile Office Space

Advice For Finishing A Worthwhile Office Space

Any business that begins ownership of office space will have achieved a great milestone in the life of that firm. It shows that the company can reinvest its profits in real estate, an essential asset that many brands consider a hallmark of success. Yet while it's true that simply owning this space can serve as its virtue, finishing it and preparing such a space for the day to day life of your employees is another question entirely.

Making an appropriate office means paying heed to a range of priorities, such as safety, utility, hygiene, and more.

Here are a few points to consider before you begin the grand opening of your office and bring your staff members along to further the growth of your brand.

Staff Space
creating a great staff space

Cultivating a functional staff kitchen and social room with ample space ensures your staff have a place to relax and socialise on their breaks. You may also want to include a coffee machine, comfy chairs or bean bags and even a fish tank!

If room permits, a games room with a ping pong table or other games would also help your employees know they are valued.

Navigable Space & Floor Formatting

How you position the desks, what kind of navigable space you provide via that placement, and how movement through your office is placed in order to give everyone their privacy and space (without using old-hat design methods like cubicles) can be key here. Often, a snake-like formation throughout the space or rows desks with a large open perimeter can help staff more easily walk through your office, but we'd recommend that latter option with a slight caveat - that is, a walk space down the middle too. A walk space can provide the means to structure your desk placement while increasing the speed of foot traffic.

Cable Management
computer cables on desk

Managed IT services will often aid you with a range of devices, computers, monitors, and more to connect you to their service. However, this requires careful cable management to avoid trip hazards and prevent the space from looking and feeling messy. Often, underfloor wire holders can allow for carpets to be laid on top, while embedded plug sockets can prevent these from taking up too much space or for plug sockets to be exposed in any capacity. This kind of forethought can make a tremendous difference regarding staff utility and safety.

Suspended Ceilings
Suspended Ceilings North Shore

Suspended ceilings add a great deal of visual utility, covering up exposed pipes, electrical wiring, insulation, and other features. Suspended ceilings can especially look great in larger offices and new builds. It will also permit you to ensure the lighting is maximally adequate and installed at the correct level. Installing this type of ceiling can all be achieved without harming your ventilation or other essential infrastructure installed here, overall giving you more room to design your office and finish it appropriately.


Your office space will look clean, appealing, professional, and inviting with a combination of these strategies. All of these virtues can speak to your brand's worth and the satisfaction of your staff and colleagues.


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