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Balance Boards Created by Hand From Responsibly Harvested Australian Hardwoods

Balance Boards Australia

The ideal approach to strengthen your core muscles, balance, and agility while using an environmentally responsible Australian product

Gully Boards has releasedf their freshly developed line of solid wood balance boards - Gully Desk Balance Board - Ideal for keeping your feet moving while working. Now, I for one, can tell you sitting at a desk all day blogging and designing websites can be torture. I make a conscious effort to get up from my chair during the day and I aim for at least 15K steps a day; hence I get up very early in the morning. When this press release was sent to me I thought I must share it because the idea is brilliant!

The Gully Mini balancing board is a terrific place to start for folks of all ages who want to improve their balance or use it as a rehab tool.

The Gully Pro Balance Board (with natural cork roller) is the most advanced and difficult of the balance board lineup, and is ideal for experienced board riders (surf, snow, or skate), athletes, and fitness enthusiasts aiming to improve their core strength and stability.

Excellent for injury recovery, sports skill development, and overall strength and stability

Each board is meticulously constructed in the Melbourne factory using recycled and responsibly sourced woods and coated with a high-grip natural oil.

The balance board line was created with the conscious customer in mind, who wants to help locals by purchasing an environmentally friendly and sustainably made product.

Gully Boards, situated in Melbourne, makes handcrafted skate and balancing boards. They're dubbed #rideableart. The objective is to develop handcrafted, elegantly designed products that enable people pursue their passions.


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