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Broc Shots - A new way to hack your health!

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

If you're anything like me, chances are you know that don't get enough vegetables in. And, just like grandma always told you, vegetables are full of all the good stuff - but just how much good stuff there is, and how this all affects the body, is still being discovered by scientists.

A major breakthrough in nutritional science lately has been learning about ‘anti feedings’ that occur naturally in plants.

Plants produce these compounds to protect them from being eaten by insects, but, when humans consume these compounds the very small anti inflammatory response that the body reacts with is actually very good for you!

Just like lifting weights actually breaks down muscle tissue and the recovery afterwards grows more muscle tissue, providing the body with small doses of these insect anti feedants is amazing for your health.

I first heard about this funk insect anti feedant in a Joe Rogan podcast with one of my favourite nutritional scientists, Dr Rhonda Patrick.

Dr Rhonda Patrick

She dived head first into the multiple studies showing that consumption of veggies and the compounds we have been talking about show all these improved health markers


The main anti feedant we are looking for is called sulphoraphane - which is most densely found in broccoli sprouts

(I actually tried to grow the broccoli sprouts but it was an absolute disaster) because I definitely don't have green thumbs and it was just too much work.

Then I came across Broc Shots and I knew I needed to try this product as soon as possible

After meeting the founder and owner Jay Silvester, I could immediately see his passion not just for health but also for this emerging new science and the possibilities that could be achieved with such a handy and easy to use product. Jay, became interested in broccoli sprouts after personally resolving a lifelong asthma issue by using a sulforaphane yielding product. Jay states, "After just six weeks taking this product, I was able to breathe without reaching for any medication. I was in complete shock!"

Similar to the new ready to drink Berroca drinks, the powder is kept in a sealed capsule in the lid of the bottle, simply twist and drink a shot of goodness each morning to get your daily dose of broccoli sprouts.

BrocShots have done a great job with the taste as well, a hint of pineapple and lime covers up the usually strong sprout flavour that comes with other greens drinks. A single BrocShot produces the highest level of Sulforaphane, which is achieved by hydroganically growing the Australian ingredients in a carefully controlled biomass chamber. These plant compounds turn on exactly what our cells need to defend themselves - an ability to bolster the body's natural defences against oxidative stress, inflammation and may help restore brain chemical linked to Schizophrenia.

Soy, dairy and gluten free, this product is a perfect addition to everyone's diet.

I've tried to keep this article as simple as possible so you don't need a PHD to understand what I'm saying.

If you want to find out more information about Broc Shots, Sulforaphane and Its effects on cancer, mortality, ageing, brain and behaviour, heart disease then watch the video below.




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