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Capsikin App Digital Time Capsules

Capsikin App Digital Time Capsules

Leaving behind a legacy for the generations to come becomes incredibly important for parents and grandparents as they start thinking about what they’re going to leave their children behind.

Every year you celebrate your birthday and every year you get messages and well wishes on your special day. What if amongst all those messages, you received one message that you’ve been yearning for – a message from a loved one who has passed? The founder of Capsikin app, Michael B Moore has come up with a way to make that happen.

Imagine, receiving a message in the form of digital time capsule message from a loved one that no longer graces this world and inside there is video saying how proud they are, an electronic birthday card and much more. Digital time capsules are now becoming one of the most powerful ways to preserve your memories in modern day history.

Leaving behind a legacy for the generations to come becomes incredibly important for parents and grandparents as they start thinking about what they’re going to leave their children behind.

Michael B. Moore

“You hear about people leaving wealth, which obviously helps, however this doesn’t teach our children how to build a future for themselves, how to live a life enriched with the wisdoms passed on from their family, or how to hand down the stories and memories of their relatives,” Moore said.

How do you store and pass on all of this information and family history? In a time when everything we do is captured and stored on a physical digital device – the answer has to be in a digital time capsule.

Plagued by the question: What is a digital time capsule and how do you get one? Moore decided to develop one and he called it Capsikin.

“Capsikin proudly flips the norm of only leaving material wealth to your loved ones on its head. It is a platform that allows your personal messages, memories and wishes to be secured in your own personal digital time capsule for longevity. Capsikin gives you the capability and means and stores the information in the cloud where it is safe and able to be accessed by those you chose.

“Capsikin enables you to share your story, your way.

“Letting your life live on through a digital time capsule is one of the most special gifts you can leave your family behind after you exit this earth. Capturing life along the way will ensure your story is told, and when the time comes it will be shared at your request with your chosen friends, family and future generations.”

Michael Moore founded Capsikin in 2020 so that he could continue to connect with his children, and their children into the future, even after he is gone. The innovative, easy-to-use Capsikin platform is available in both an online and App format, on iOS and Android devices.

According to Moore, a person’s legacy is more complex and messy than a cheque. It includes messages, memories and words of wisdom.

“The Capsikin platform allows users to create digital time capsules, diaries, photo albums and archives that can securely store a variety of mementos as well as other important information,” Moore added.

  • Photo and video albums. Capturing the milestone moments of your baby growing up, like their first steps and words, is a beautiful moment in any parent’s life. Alternatively to an iPhone camera roll full of unorganised photos and videos, Capsikin allows you to organise each memory into labelled capsules that can be shared for years to come without the worry that they will be lost along the way.

  • Recipes. For many families, cooking recipes are the ultimate family treasure. Food truly does bring families together, so even when families can no longer do so, their homemade masterpieces can be immortalised through a time capsule. Recipes can be captured and passed down from generation to generation as they reflect on the incredible lives of their family whom are no longer around.

  • Birthday or anniversary cards. Never miss a birthday or significant anniversary with an e-card that can remind your family how much you love and miss them. Through Capsikin time capsules can be time-bound so that family or friends cannot open the contents until the special day that the creator chooses.

  • Handmade gifts from children. Just because parents do not keep every piece of art and craft their children make, doesn’t mean it isn’t special. A digital time capsule on Capsikin allows parents to capture and save a photo of every creation in a categorised capsule that can be viewed by family and friends across the world.

Because not every person wants their words of wisdom and personal memories shared with everyone, Capsikin was upgraded with the capabilities to store your content in seven different digital time capsule types.

  1. General. Your personalised Time Capsule will be sent to all family and friends to instantly access.

  2. Personal. The Personal capsule is designed to give you the option of keeping your messages private and choosing who can see them.

  3. For My Life. For that final message to family and friends, this capsule is specifically for your love ones and will only be viewed after your death.

  4. Self Destruct. By choosing this time capsule you can send a personalised message that has a onetime viewing to those you wish to interact with.

  5. Countdown and Self Destruct. With all the features of the Countdown, this dual feature is designed for those who wish to send a powerful, futuristic time capsule that only has a onetime viewing.

  6. Archive. Personalising your time capsules may take a while, so, the Archive facility allows you to hold your draft messages in ‘archive’ whilst continuing to work on your thoughts in private.

For those who have a will it is another place to leave in a private and secure place on top of what you are already doing. You can arrange for this to be shared at a set time among those who would like to be aware of your final wishes. A will can be accompanied by final video messages. Capsikin gives you the ability to control and manage how your communications are shared and accessed.

Will it make will contestability more challenging? Possibly.

Everyone wants to be remembered – their love, their sacrifices and their blessings for their beautiful friends and family.

As parents and grandparents, as well as the terminally ill, we are all challenged with how we want to be remembered by our future relatives, so wouldn’t it be great to be able to leave behind a special gift so that our loved ones are able to stay connected with us even when we are gone.


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