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From Passion to Profession: A Journey as an Artist and Bird Enthusiast

mollie lennon art

Mollie Lennon, is a 20-year-old artist who has been captivated by the world of creativity since she can remember. As a young teenager, she had an epiphany that art was not just a hobby, but her calling in life. From that moment on, Mollie dedicated herself to honing her skills and bringing her artistic visions to life.

Fast forward a few years, Mollie has found herself on the cusp of turning her passion into a thriving business that she hopes will one day support her as a professional artist. Along this journey, she has explored various mediums and subjects, but her heart always led her back to one thing: drawing animals in colored pencils.

mollie lennan artist

"There's something about the challenge of achieving photorealism, capturing every intricate detail, that truly resonates with me," says Mollie. "As a fervent lover of animals and nature, I discovered a perfect synergy between my art and a newfound hobby: birdwatching."

Birds became Mollie's muse, and with a camera in hand, she set out to capture their beauty in its most natural state. These photographs soon became the cornerstone of her artwork, providing her with the references she needed to bring these winged wonders to life on paper.

mollie lennon wrens

Mollie specialises in depicting the local birdlife of the enchanting Hunter Valley. Through her work, she aims to not only showcase the remarkable diversity of our feathered friends but also foster a deeper appreciation for the natural world that surrounds us.

You can find Mollie's Colored Pencil Original Artworks and Giclee Fine Art Prints at local boutique markets around the Hunter Valley. Additionally, she offers custom Pet Portrait Commissions, ensuring that your beloved furry companions can also find their place in her art.

mollie lennan cockatoo

If you're curious to see more of Mollie's creations or perhaps bring a piece of this natural beauty into your own space, you can visit her website at or browse her Etsy shop at For a glimpse into her creative process and a closer look at her artworks, feel free to follow her on Instagram at @paintedharpstudio.

Mollie looks forward to sharing more of her creations with you in the future. Together, let's celebrate the beauty of our natural world, one stroke at a time.


Editor's Note. I met Mollie at the Handmade in the Hunter markets at Sobels Winery in the Hunter Valley. I was captivated by her work and bought one of the prints for my home.


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