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Gift Ideas For Dads & Granddads That Are Anything But Generic

Gift Ideas For Dads & Granddads That Are Anything But Generic

"Forget socks, shaving soap, and aftershave". That's the message from modern-day dads and grandads. These days, dads and grandads would prefer not to receive one of these tired, old stand-bys, but instead, they'd love to get something a little more thoughtful and different.

This Father's Day, be sure to find a gift far from generic that stands out from the crowd and that will be truly memorable to give to the solid and paternal figures in your life.

Finding the perfect gift is often easier said than done, but it can often take a lot of time and effort. With more gifts and novelty items on offer nowadays than ever before, it's essential to take some time to research your options to help you choose a present that will be truly meaningful to your gift receiver.

Continue reading below to discover some great gifts for men that should be considered this Father's Day.

unique gifts for men

Catering To His Hobbies & Interests

When it's time to give your dad or grandad a gift, most likely, he'd be happy enough with a huge hug and a homemade card from you. Dads are easy-going, which, more often than not, can be a barrier when it comes to finding him the perfect gift.

Before you rush into buying, be sure to consider his hobbies or interests first. Is he an outdoorsman? Perhaps he spends a lot of time in his flower or vegetable garden? Or does he prefer to occupy himself inside, relaxing at home? If he appears to have everything, don't worry! With a bit of thought, you'll be sure to give him something that will put a smile on his face.

unique gifts for father's day

Personalised Gifts Are Always Special

Nowadays, anything that you can name, you can have personalised. Wallets, shoe bags, cufflinks, wine bottles, and cardholders are just some options available for personalisation nowadays. If your dad or grandad has a creative spirit, you may even decide to give him a monogrammed journal or engraved pen so that he'll always have the resources on hand to jot down his ideas.

Always consider their interests to personalise something that they can use every day. A personalised gift isn't just fantastic simply because it's personalised, but because you've been able to find an item that would be valuable to them regardless and then have made it priceless by physically naming it theirs and theirs alone.

man cave

Man Cave Gifts With A Difference

Not all man caves look the same. More often than not, a man cave tends to be a reflection of the man himself. Is your dad or granddad into travelling? How about getting him a "scratch map" for his man cave, study or bar? That way, he doesn't have to waste time sticking pins into world maps. This innovative map has all the landmasses covered in gold foil that he can scratch off to show off his visited countries.

You could also help him spruce up his getaway space with a lockable mini-safe in the form of a book or a nifty cable organiser that attaches to the edge of his desk. Is he into his entertainment, or does he dabble in gaming at all? His man cave could need a headphone stand, a controller stand, or maybe even some smart lighting to help quickly transform the atmosphere of his space with ease.

Sharing Quality Time

There is no substitute for sharing time with loved ones. A loving memory can, in itself, be a gift that lasts forever. However, when giving the gift of time, you must plan to make sure there are no clashes in your schedules.

A simple call-in to your dad or grandad's home is excellent, but you can up the ante a little to make things extra special. Why not take him out to breakfast or lunch, organise a game of golf together, or get tickets to a footy match? Your main aim is to spend quality time together and share an experience that you can reminisce about for years to come.

Find That Perfect Gift To Show Your Dad Or Grandad How Much You Care

When you're gift-shopping for your grumpy old men, be sure to think ahead so that you don't have to fly into panic mode when Father's Day is right around the corner. Finding the best gift for your dad or grandad can be an ongoing process that may involve keeping a vigilant lookout for perfectly aligned items with his interests and values.

Remember that ultimately, no matter what gift you choose, your dad and grandad will still be happy, simply because it came from you.


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