Give up one thing today to help those affected by the Australian bushfires #giveuponethingtoday

The bushfires have been causing havoc in our country now since October. In fact, they started to get out of control where I live in Tuncurry Forster. We had to nearly evacuate and the devastation that it caused with loss of life, homes, animals and flora is heart-wrenching. This photo above was taken by me that shows how destructive these fires are. Can you even imagine the wildlife that perished? Imagine what it was like for the firefighters and the people who live in this area. Luckily many of the homes surrounding this area were saved.

Personally I could see the fires behind the houses across the road in my street. It's an eerie feeling. You can see my footage here.

Now it's the South Coast and Victoria that so many tragic stories are emerging. People losing lives, homes and livelihood.

I was reading more about this devastation this morning and thought how can we help? It crossed my mind that if each one of us gave up just one thing today i.e. cup of takeaway coffee, beer, wine or whatever and donated that money to one of the bushfire appeals that could help a lot of people and animals. We can all bring awareness by using the hashtag #giveuponethingtoday

If 1000 people gave up a takeaway coffee today at say $4.50 that's $4,500. If 1000 people gave up a movie ticket today at say $23 that's $23,000! It's a once-off thing to go without and by doing so give to others. What we need to remember is those farms that are destroyed also supply a lot of our food.

Here's a list of organisations you can help

The Koala Hospital Go Fund Me

NSW Rural Fire Service

Country Fire Association Victoria

South Australian Fire Association

Rural Fire Association Queensland

The Red Cross


Foodbank Victoria


The photo below is the start of recovery. There is always hope.


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