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Greenbox Environmentally Friendly Pizza Box

Environmental friendly pizza box

Packaging! Yes, we need it, but packaging manufacturers need to strive to continuously be more eco-friendly. Let's take the humble common pizza box, that great big thing that takes up so much room in your fridge when you store the slices you tried to eat, but realised you shouldn't have, so you made the right decision not to! Maybe buying that second pizza was not the greatest health choice of the day after all?

Hello Greenbox.

GreenBox, is a pizza box made with recycled materials with benefits. While the top of the box breaks down into four sturdy plates, the bottom transforms into a storage unit for leftovers – completely eliminating the need for disposable plates, cling wrap, aluminium foil and now requires storing leftover pizza in the fridge a breeze!

Greenbox have helped make the industry more sustainable with its packaging. Gone are the days of trying to shove a family sized pizza box into a bar fridge. Or any fridge for that matter.

 “People are amazed with the box, especially how it morphs into a takeaway container, almost like a transformer,” says Chef Stefano Manfredi.

The Green Box

Many of us might imagine that our 'little contribution' doesn't count for anything to help save this planet from human destruction and preserve nature. The truth is, every little thing and every single one of us, does equate to a massive change. Yes, you!

PizzaAperta Manfredi
GreenBox Australian pizza boxes are currently manufactured locally in each state, using recycled paper from ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified paper mills, to ensure the raw materials can to continue to be recycled.

GreenBox is now available in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, and will soon be landing in Western Australia, with current stockists including Small Print Pizza Bar, Shop 225, Red Sparrow Pizza, Cucina Vivo, Sweet Amber, PizzaAperta Manfredi.

For restaurants to order a free sample, visit:


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