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Greenhand Band EP 'Connections' Launch on 28th April 7pm at 107 Projects, Redfern NSW. Free entry.

Poverty, racism and inequality are cornerstone concepts Redfern-based reggae fusion group Green Hand Band aims to break down barriers about. Drawing musical influences from soul, reggae and desert rock genres, the group uses music to raise awareness of issues such as recovering from addiction, spiritual empowerment, love and social justice. Key writer, keyboard player and vocalist, Tim Gray leads the band bringing an infectious passion to the stage.

The Gumbaynggir/Wiradjuri man born in Macksville, NSW, and growing up in East Hills along the Georges River, Tim was influenced by the likes of Bob Marley, Warumpi Band and Coloured Stone. He started playing piano at his foster mother’s prompting and the music grabbed a hold of him; he started writing his own songs and playing in bands. “I want to make music that heals, that breaks down barriers and explores the human condition,” Tim says.

The band released its debut EP in November, 2014 as part of Corroboree Festival in Sydney after recording earlier in the year at Kameygal Studio housed in Gadigal Information Services in iconic Redfern, Sydney. Currently playing the new EP Connections with songs that focus on connection to culture First Nations people have, love and addiction.

Playing at Waitangi Day 2018, Lost Paradise at Boardi tent 2017, Burramatta NAIDOC 2017, Inner City NAIDOC Family Day at NCIE 2017, Coloured Diggers March 2016/2017, NAIDOC in the City 2016, Yabun 2015, and performing regularly in the Sydney live music scene. Green Hand Band has collaborated with Jamaican artist Ras Daniel Ray during his last Australian Tour.

The current lineup of Green Hand Band is Tim Gray on vocals/keys, Troy Russell on guitar, Minnie Ryan on trumpet, Lucas Hendriks on bass, Mert Balkani on drums, Michael Brown on saxophone and Amanda Dwyer backing vocals.

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Song Outlines

Connections EP

Guruuja is about celebrating the beauty of Whales and the importance of protecting them. Guruuja is a contemporary addition to the East Coast songline of the Whale migration. The song also pays tribute to the tireless work of the Sea Shepard lead by Paul Watson.

In my minds eye is about my connection with Dawaalam the Currawong, my spirit guide and my connection with the Dreaming.

In that way is a song about unrequited love and being able to go beyond accepting the outcome and to still acknowledge the beauty of friendship.

Misery or Maintenance is about the choice I have as a recovering alcoholic to either keep maintaining a healthy life or go back to the misery of my addiction.

Bundjalung Country celebrates the beautiful healing power of music through the Byron Bay Blues Festival on Bundjalung land. Seeing one of my music idols Jimmy Cliff on stage will be an experience I’ll never forget.


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