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GroupTogether Hassle Free Group Gifting

GroupTogether Hassle Free Group Gifting

GroupTogether has helped 500 000 Australians tale the hassle out of Group Gifting for six years. The sustainable way to gift is as everyone chips in an amount they are happy with, and the receiver gets a better gift—less waste, packaging, unwanted gifts, time, petrol and money all around.

GroupTogether is ideal for gifts for teachers, coaches, farewells, birthdays, staff gifts, and babies.


GroupTogether has a wide range of online gifts from their retail partners to choose from on the website or you can purchase an AnyCard where the recipient can spend a gifted amount in selected retail stores.

A beautiful and personalised digital gift unwrapping experience will arrive in your inbox. When mine arrived, I opened up the digital box and received an amount to spend at a retailer of my choice. I chose the online shopping retailer because it is one of my favourite places to shop. So many bargains!

You can give an AnyCard and the recipient can swap with any of the 70+ retailer eGift Cards. One AnyCard can be swapped for one retailer eGift Card (not multiple). The AnyCard needs to be exchanged within 1 year and then, the retailer eGift Cards are valid for another 3 years and have a diminishing balance (they don't need to be spent all at once).

Or you may receive a digital or printed personalised card (see below).


Send it digitally

GroupTogether will send you a unique link to view the card and messages online.


Print it at home

Download a print-ready PDF and print it at home for hand delivery.


GroupTogether Hassle Free Group Gifting

Print professionally & post

Get it professionally printed on an A4 card and delivered in 3 days to metro Australia. Currently only available when friends chip in, gift link not available on professionally printed cards.


Julie and Ali, the founders, have seven children, including two sets of "spirited" twins. They were wasting a lot of time shopping, wrapping, and giving gifts that weren't always wanted or needed. PING! The concept is simple: why not use simple technology to chase down and track to 'avoid the awkward'.

GroupTogether Hassle Free Group Gifting Digital Card

Life is hectic. GroupTogether simplifies it for you to collect money from a group and spend it however you see fit. Less time wasted, less packaging waste, and spending a little less while giving a lot more!


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