HelloFresh Just Saved Me A Lot Of Hassle

I recently had the opportunity to try a box from HelloFresh. I had tried the service about five years ago but in those days I was more of a party girl rather than a health-conscious cook! Fast forward to today and I'm very particular about what I eat. I've left the party lifestyle behind as I concentrate on my fitness and wellbeing after suffering some serious health issues last year.

After my first delivery of fresh, pre-measured produce and easy-to-follow recipes that resulted in tantalising meals, I am so hooked on this service I'm continuing my subscription. Not only is it convenient; it's economical.

Once you sign up you get to choose from a range of meals (meat, fish, vego, kid friendly, etc). All the recipes look amazing! Then you simply pick the plan that best suits you i.e. how many people to feed, how many meals , what type of box (classic, veggie, family). The process is so easy, you choose what day of the week you would like to have the meals delivered and then just sit back and relax while they shop, and organise your meals for you.

The ingredients are delivered via cooling box once a week and each meal is packed in individual bags (non perishable items) and the perishable items are in a cold pack. Each meal comes with a beautiful recipe card with easy to follow instructions that even a novice could get it right!

The ingredients are all pre-measured, so you’ll have no food waste. I am quite experienced at cooking but I'm lazy! I don't like shopping and measuring out. HelloFresh has taken all this pain away from me. Like you, I'm a busy person and I like to have good home-cooked wholesome meals that taste fabulous. Last week, I made all three meals, and I'm very impressed with all of them- they tasted so good. All of their recipes are curated by chefs, and they have a ton of different cuisines from around the world.

I don't live in Sydney anymore (I know, shock horror!) I moved to the country two years ago and I'm now part of that country's wholesome lifestyle since my Sea Change. Yes, I am in Sydney at least twice a month so I still have a base down there to keep up with what's happening in Sydney and continue to publish this website. HelloFresh actually delivers to my regional area (Forster on the Mid North Coast now known as the Barrington Coast). To be honest, I was surprised we could get HelloFresh deliveries in this area.

In the country we share food! My neighbours now think they live next to a restaurant because I've shared these meals with them.

Each time I unpacked a bag I was so excited!


With Parmesan

I think this was my favourite out of the three, but I really did enjoy them all! I had it for dinner twice and lunch as well. I used to think I made a killer bolognese but now I admit I was a fraud! This dish had so many amazing ingredients including pine nuts, a whole bag of baby spinach, zucchini, garlic and onion. Mothers please note: great way to trick those kids into eating their veg!

As well as the fresh produce, each package comes with pre-measured ingredients and in this case it was a stock cube, penne, dried oregano and pine nuts.

HelloFresh assume you have the staples in your pantry such as olive oil, salt, pepper, brown sugar, balsamic vinegar as you may need to have these items on hand when you cook.

What I love about HelloFresh is the fresh ingredients and the easy to follow recipe cards.


With Sweet Potato Fries

I am 100% convinced I have the taste of these dishes correct (it's hard not to if you follow the recipe) but I still need some practice in plating.

As with most things in life, build the foundations and the rest will follow. So that's exactly what I did; I followed each instruction to a tee and the result was 100% success.

CONFESSION: I never used to beat my chicken breasts before and the result was overcooking! HelloFresh gives you all the tips and tricks to make the perfect meal, even how to beat the chicken breasts.


With Caramelised Peach Salad & Garlic-Herb Roast Potato

This was the third meal I cooked and WOW! So good! So tasty! So easy!

Once again, I followed the steps exactly as set out in the instructions on the recipe card.

HelloFresh even explain how to prepare the chicken breasts i.e. how to cut them into steaks.

This dish was so tasty! The combination of flavours on the chicken and in the fresh salad, especially the caramelised peach, was to die for. As for those garlic herb potatoes, I have no words.

HelloFresh has inspired me to cook again and the best thing is I don't have to go shopping for ingredients. It takes no more than 30 minutes from prep to plate.I think HelloFresh brings back good old-fashioned values of having wholesome home-cooked meals that taste amazing. Not to mention how convenient it is to have everything delivered right to your door. A winner! And, it is true HelloFresh has just saved me a whole lot of hassle

Update: The team at HelloFresh are extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to get up to $90 in savings on HelloFresh.

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