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How Can I Redecorate my Home in a Minimalist Style?

Minimalism is becoming one of the most popular interior design trends of 2021, redesigning homes to make them look sleeker and more spacious. It can be a difficult style to perfect, which is why We Buy Any House have put together some of their top tips to help you create your minimalist dream home!

Define your colour palette

How Can I Redecorate my Home in a Minimalist Style

In minimalist homes, sticking to a specific colour palette will not only make the place look more uniform but reduce the number of things that you bring into the rooms, allowing you to create a more spacious design.

The best way to start your minimalistic décor is to pick a neutral base colour, like white, cream, or grey, and then add a shade or two that works with this base to compliment it, for example, navy, mustard yellow, or sage green. You can pick up some accessories in these colours which will then incorporate flashes of brightness without being overwhelming.


declutter your home

Decluttering is key to a minimalist home, as you will be able to get rid of a lot of things that you simply don’t need anymore. Spending time getting rid of as much clutter as possible will open up the space that you’ve got and make achieving the style much easier.

It’s best to start small to keep yourself motivated as it can be very easy to lose your drive when you declutter, so take as much time as you need and think about how you’ll feel when you’ve finished. A good way to approach this is to dedicate 20 minutes every day to your decluttering project, allowing you to make progress without losing motivation. It’s also good to pick one location in your home at a time to declutter, like a set of junk drawers or a surface that gets cluttered quickly.

Knowing what you’re working towards and how proud you will be when you succeed will help to keep you productive.

Focus on empty spaces

minimalist home

The minimalist style is all about making the most of space and having only things that really belong there. Following the rule of three is a very popular decision to maximise the amount of space that you’ve got and keep the rooms open with a good flow.

The rule of three means that for any flat surface in your home, there should only be three things on it – from bookshelves to side tables and units. At first, it can be really difficult to narrow your belongings down to three things on these areas, especially if you tend to use these surfaces to hold several ornaments, but by being strict and asking yourself what really belongs and what you can let go of, you’ll start to create a more simplistic effect. You can divide up the items that you’re looking to get rid of into different piles; charity, bin, or sell. This way, you can know that some of your items will be going to new homes and will be valued there, making it easier to let go of them.

Natural light

Natural Light in a home

Any room that benefits from lots of light will automatically look bigger and brighter, two things that lend very well to a minimalist interior. Where possible, have curtains or blinds open as much as possible to maximise the amount of light entering your home, and avoid heavy materials for these furnishings.

In rooms that don’t receive much light, you can incorporate a large mirror onto a wall which will give the illusion of more space, or change your lightbulbs from a warmer tone to cool, mimicking natural light. You can also look at the colours that you’re using in these rooms and redecorate in lighter shades, especially if there are lots of darker colours in there that will make the room look smaller.

Utilise patterns

utilise patterns for minimalist home

The minimalist style can sound like it will be a little boring to some, but by incorporating patterns cleverly into your design you can create a gorgeous décor that offers space and style in a perfect balance.

It’s best to use a pattern in the same way that you would use an accent piece in a room – don’t go over the top as less is often more. In bigger rooms, you can add more patterned items and focus on larger features, for example, a rug. It will pull attention into the centre of the room and make it look more spacious, which is perfect for any minimal homes. The inclusion of these patterns will contrast beautifully with other space in the room.

Embrace nature

minimalist home decor

Green tones work incredibly well with neutrals, and by bringing plants into the home you’ll be able to add pops of colour easily. Big plants are a great solution to those who want to lean into a more minimalist style while not having their house feel too empty, as you can pick up big, leafy greens that will fill space well without looking cluttered.

Introducing plants into your home can also make it look more spacious as it will replicate the feeling of an open, outside area. More space will always work well with a minimalist vibe, so being able to make your property feel bigger is ideal.

By using these tips, you’ll be able to create a stunning minimalist design in your home and perfect the style!


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