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Love in the Time of COVID: Celebrating Valentine's Day When You Can't See Your Partner

Love in the Time of COVID: Celebrating Valentine's Day When You Can't See Your Partner

With a majority of the world still having to deal with restrictions, lockdowns and other COVID related changes, one may assume that Valentine’s Day 2021 is simply cancelled. Well, not exactly. Thanks to technology and some innovation, couples all around the world are finding their own ways to celebrate the day of love even if they may not be able to see each other physically. If you’re at a distance from your loved one but still want to do something special on the 14th of February, this is the article for you. Today, we look at how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day regardless of quarantine, so read on to find out more!

Celebrate With A Beautiful Bouquet

Just because you can’t see your loved one doesn’t mean that you can’t still shower them in gifts and love. We can’t imagine anything better than waking up to a fresh and beautiful bouquet of flowers thanks to the help of same day flower delivery. No matter that type of bloom you’re looking for, you’re sure to find exactly what your beau loves online. Who knows, you may receive your own bundle of flowers too!

flower delivery for COVID

Share A Meal

Thanks to services such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo and DoorDash, sharing a meal with a loved one during quarantine is made a reality. Why not play a little game with your partner by ordering a special meal that turns up at their door. You can both order for each other and be surprised when the delivery driver rings your doorbell. Set your meal up on a table accessorised with some scented candles, flowers and a laptop that will allow you to enjoy your meal “face to face”.

A Virtual Date

Just because you and your special someone are separated by distance doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice date night. Put on your favourite dress, get your hair and make up done and meet your beau online through applications such as Facebook Messenger or Zoom. While a screen can never truly replace being together, you can still enjoy each other's company by talking, laughing, having a heart to heart and making big plans for when you reunite.

online tutorial

Virtual Classes With Your Sweetie

So, you thought lockdown meant that you can’t take a fun art or wine class together? Think again. As businesses have been forced to adapt over the last year, more and more online classes have been popping up and allowing people to bond over an activity, albeit through a screen. Online classes are a great way to learn interesting new skills and explore new topics that range from cocktail making, painting, flower arrangement and so much more. Pick an activity that you both love, book an online class and spend an hour after dinner learning a new skill together. Romance in the 21st century!

Stream A Romantic Movie’re dying to watch that latest romcom that dropped on Netflix but you don’t want to watch it alone. Well, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to watch a romantic movie with your special one. All you have to do is stream the show at the same time and maintain communication through text. Don’t forget to gather your favourite snacks too, to make it feel like you’re really together.

Plan For The Future

Nothing builds more anticipation than planning for the future, so why not spend a small amount of time on Valentine’s Day discussing future plans, activities and adventures that you want to experience after the disaster of COVID eventually (whenever that may be) settles down. You can make a vision board or simply discuss what you’ll do together when you reunite.


Spending Valentine’s Day on your own and away from your partner can be a rather sad affair, but we hope that this article has given you a few ideas on how you can still celebrate your love even if you’re at a distance from one another.


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