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Restaurant Review Bambusia Chinese Restaurant

Bambushia Bondi

29 Newland Street Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Reviewed by Ron Lee, CSP

14 April 2019

Have you ever hankered for something that reminds you of your childhood?

On the weekend I suddenly felt like going to an old school Chinese Restaurant. There don’t seem to be any left in Chinatown; it seems that they only continue to exist in the suburbs. A mate of mine then happened post on Facebook that a favourite of his was the Bambusia Restaurant in Bondi Junction which I hadn’t visited in about thirty years.

The Bambusia is still run by Richard and Mei, as it has been since 1985, and they are now assisted on weekends by their children Cassie and Adrian.

Admittedly, having gone by myself, I only indulged in one dish, the Combination Chow Mein which tasted exactly the same as the first time it became a favourite when I was a child.

However, I did observe some of the other offerings that were carried past. The Peking Duck looked absolutely fantastic and the Mongolian Lamb was at its sizzlingly noisy best. That’s a dish that attracts attention.

Apart from the “Market Price” dishes, the mains average about $20 and everything is nicely cooked and fresh.

As well as serving fine food, this family business obviously takes great pride and pleasure in giving their customers an entirely pleasant experience, and I wasn’t the only person whom they made feel special; all of their customers were given the same attention.

So if you fancy some old school Chinese cuisine and friendly, old-fashioned customer service that you would normally only find outside the capital cities, you might also see me at the Bambusia, as I’ll probably be there every few weeks. If you intend to go on a Sunday, it would help to book.


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