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Sunescape Tan Preparation for WBFF bikini competition

by Emma Carr

sunescape tan

I'm a personal trainer with a focus on weight training and especially in helping women obtain the body they desire, no matter what age. I actually train my mum who publishes this website, she's 58 and proving no matter how old you are you can still be fit and gain muscle.

This year I've bitten the bullet and I've entered into the WBFF bikini competition held on the Gold Coast. There's a lot of work and preparation that goes into entering a competition like this and in the final two months involves a strict diet, coaching, posing moves, hard training and building confidence. As well, a major part of the look is a suntan!

To enter the competition the suntan has to be sprayed on by a professional and be very very dark because it needs to be able to highlight every muscle, and a home tan won't work. Basically you have to look like you have a 'really dark fake tan' it never looks natural.

Leading up to the competition though, I want to have a tan that complements my fair skin when I'm practising my poses, so I've been using the Sunescape kit. The tan that I have in the competition is actually very unreal looking, but the rules are the rules, and that's what we have to do. In the meantime, because of my very fair skin I'm using the Sunescape tanning kit and I'm raving about it because it looks like a natural sun glow.

I love the Sunescape tanning kit because it has everything you need to look like you just walked out of the tanning salon. As well as the tanner the kit includes the scrub and tan remover, tan extender to keep it lasting longer and body butter that makes my skin so smooth. And most importantly, my boyfriend doesn't whinge about the fake tan smell! We can all relate to that!

I've learnt from past mistakes that correct preparation for self tanning is vital.

The tanner is easy to apply and streak free with no horrible scent and it's not sticky. It smells amazing and the tan illuminator makes my skin glow. What I love also is that it doesn't look like a tan from a bottle! It gives me a colour that doesn't look fake and has no streaks. I used to dread tanning night because of the bad smell and my partner complaining about it, but now that's not happening!

Sunescape uses skin loving ingredients and a certified natural DHA (a lot of fake tan bottles use chemical derived DHA which can be very irritating to the skin). Sunescape is also proudly vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and expertly formulated without harmful chemicals.

One of the most off-putting things about fake tans is the chemical smell, however Sunescape has a luxurious coconut scent. This was one of the non-negotiable features, along with no orange undertones, that Sunescape Founder, Lisa Williams insisted on.

The original Bondi born formula is packed with skin loving vitamins, antioxidants, hydrating oils and a certified natural DHA from, beetroot and rapa seed. True to the modern consumer’s values, Sunescape is also proudly vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, andexpertly formulated without some of the common harmful ingredients found in other tanning products including alcohol, parabens,sulphates, petrochemicals and formaldehyde (seriously read those ingredients, if you don't know what FORMALDEHYDE is now you do).

The hero and best-selling formula is the Instant Self-Tan Mousse that dries in ten minutes so users can get dressed and go. Theextended range includes multiple self-tanning options, application mitts, tan extenders, a shower gel, an illuminating body tint,hydrating body butter, and a selection of scented candles.

Sunescape’s premium self-tanning range can be purchased online at The at-home range and professionalspray tan is also available at over 170 premium salons around Australia.

Find out more about Emma, and lots of free nutrition and fitness advice follow Emma on Instagram and for her programs visit her website


sunescape tanning kit


Ultra hydrating natural tan

Available in 2 shades:

Instant streak-free natural colour

Non sticky and fast dryingDevelops into a deep, natural tan within 3-4 hoursFades evenly without patchiness. Easy to apply


Coconut scented Paraben free

Available in:250ml RRP: $44.95 | 150ml RRP: $34.95 | 50ml RRP: $14.95


Mediterranean nights = instant Sunescape glow

Provides an instant, wash off glow and subtle shimmer

Gives the illusion of flawless, air-brushed skin

Can be worn on its own or as a tan enhancerWashes off with soap and waterCoconut scentedDHA freeParaben free

Available in:250ml RRP: $39.95 | 50ml RRP: $11.95


Papaya & Goji Berry Infusion

3 in 1 formula - acts as a gradual self tanner, tan extender and moisturiser all in oneAbility to control the depth of tan through each applicationExtends the life of a spray tanParaben free

Available in:250ml RRP: $33.00 | 50ml RRP: $11.95


Just for the night, instant 24 hour tan

Provides an instant 24-hour tanInstantly smoothes uneven skin toneFast drying formulaTransfer resistantCoverage: medium to full colourWashes off with soap and waterDHA freeParaben free

Available in 150ml



Exotic nut oil infusion

Quickly absorbs into skin

Soothes and calms stressed skin

Packed with nourishing oils, antioxidants, vitamins and fruit extracts

Helps extend tan life

Coconut scented

Available in:

250ml RRP: $29.95 | 50ml RRP: $11.95


AHA Fruit Blend

Exfoliates dead skin cells, dirt and oil build up

Prepares skin for a spray tan or mousse application

Softens and smooths skin with avocado, almond oil and macadamia nut

Coconut and pineapple scented

Contains AHA’s included pineapple enzymes

Available in 200ml | RRP: $24.95


Kiwi, Avocado & Passionflower Infusion

Packed full of hydrating oils

PH balanced to gently cleanse skin whilst maintaining hydration

Sulfate free

Suitable for sensitive skin

Coconut and vanilla scented

Paraben free

Available in 250ml | RRP: $24.95


Luxurious velvet glove

Luxurious, hard-wearing velvet material

Inclusion of thumb section for superior control

Helps reach difficult areas

Double sided

RRP: $14.95


Gently and easily removes your tan

Preps skin for an even, streak-free tan

Gently exfoliates for smoother, more radiant skin

Perfect for use in the shower


RRP: $19.95


Disclaimer: Emma was gifted this product to trial. If it didn't stand up to its claims it wouldn't be published on Sydney Chic.


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