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Sydney Small Business Scales Into An International Brand

skin virtue

Luxury Australian skincare company Skin Virtue has scaled into an international brand, marking a significant milestone for this small business after just four years of operation.

The successful cleanical skincare brand - which is already stocked in more than 100 beauty salons across Australia - has set its sights on becoming a global beauty icon.

It has partnered with Ingenuity, the commerce division of THG plc, a global technology platform company specialising in taking brands direct to consumers.

The collaboration marks a significant milestone for Skin Virtue as this month it will unveil its first direct-to-consumer and B2B sites in the UK, paving the way for expansion into Australian, European, and US markets.

Skin Virtue was founded by Nina Gajic and Gary Williams (pictured) in Sydney. With less than five full time staff, they already offer a retail range of 19 products in Australia, with more due to launch soon.

The brand, developed for people with sensitive skin, is suitable for all skin types.

“With a market littered with skincare products, Skin Virtue stands out as it addresses sensitive skin concerns, a necessity in a world where our skin faces an ongoing barrage of pollutants and irritants,” co-founder Nina Gajic said.

The 19 available products showcase robust antioxidants while being finely tuned to accommodate a range of skin types, conditions, and ages. These formulations actively support skin repair and fortify its inherent defences, resulting in a harmonious and balanced state. This collective effort helps to alleviates specific skin concerns, bringing about a sense of equilibrium for the skin.

“Our core mission is to provide cleanical skincare solutions that enhance skin health,” co-founder Gary Williams said.

“I am excited about our partnership with Ingenuity, as it has enabled us to realise our aspiration of becoming a global brand, and to deliver effective skincare solutions to a broader audience.”

Skin Virtue is divided into three ranges of products targeting different skin types: the Super Clear Collection is for skin prone to oiliness, or so-called combination skin; Pure Nourish is for “normal” and dry skin and Future Advanced is for all skin types but targeting ageing skin concerns.

Oily skin types have overactive sebaceous glands leading to shiny skin, enlarged pores and breakouts. Combination skin refers to oily skin with dry patches, usually caused by harsh treatments trying to combat the oiliness only to end up with damaged patches.

Normal – or “balanced” – skin appears to have no visible concerns but, be warned, it can quickly end up dryer and more wrinkly than other skin types if not properly nourished as we age.

Dry skin types have under-active sebaceous glands and lack the ability to retain moisture to protect and hydrate the skin.

All these skin types also eventually become ageing skin, showing signs of dehydration, volume loss, sagging and wrinkles, and uneven tones and pigmentation.


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