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The Church of The Clitori

Theatre Reviews Sydney

Cabaret Club - Club Room

Castlereagh Boutique Hotel

Reviewed by Ron Lee, CSP

There's a new religion in town. The Church of The Clitori offers a path to clitoral salvation through the trinity of the finger, the tongue and the holy cum.

Apart from the singing and the preaching, the show is educational. I didn't know the entire shape of the clitoris and found out that a penis is an outie clit.

Then there's the myth of male domination and other fascinating information.

The service is led by High Priestess Labia Majora (Lillian Rodrigues-Pang) and Labia Minora (Malika Reese) who invite audience members to join the Clitorati and they will ask individuals questions. You will not be able to hide.

Looking past the inevitable puns double entendres, The Church of The Clitori is fun. It will appeal to gay audiences and to women who want their male partners to increase their understanding of the female anatomy and social evolution.

There's plenty of audience participation, and at the end of the show we were invited to sit in the giant clit. The greeting is "May The Clit be with you". I BELIEVE!!

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