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The Seasonal Switch: How to Spice Up Your Decor For the Summer

Summer is around the corner, which means it’s time to switch out your cosy winter knitwear for some airy summer linens. And just as our wardrobe must respond to the changing of the seasons, so too must our home interiors. Here’s all you’ll need to consider when planning your seasonal switch-up.

Stow heavy accents away

It’s recommended that you put some time aside during your spring cleaning to bundle up all your thick throws and blankets. Have these cold-weather accents washed and then tucked away until Autumn is around the corner. Be sure to dress your furniture down by keeping surfaces relatively bare to complement the turn of the season. Swap out any significant tablecloths for smaller accents, like woven placemats. If you’re looking for summery furniture, go for simple neutral wood tones or pieces with a monochromatic or fairly muted colour scheme. A marble coffee table can help add a touch of colour and coolness to your living space and can easily be styled to suit the other seasons too. The same goes for rattan and wicker furniture too!

Select a summery design scheme

Speaking of rattan furniture, you may be glad to hear it is making a comeback in a big way, and it’s largely thanks to the growing popularity of the Hamptons or coastal interior design style. This soft style is all about using ocean hues, linens, unrefined timber, rattan, and all things sunkissed. With Australia’s reputation for gorgeous coastlines, there are no surprises here that coastal style interiors are on the up and up. This design style is simply right at home here.

The one downside of coastal interiors is that they are tricky to maintain during the winter season. However, this style’s light and simplistic elements mean that coastal interiors can be designed with flexibility in mind. You can easily transform a coastal-style interior into a minimalist, boho, or even a modern contemporary space with only a few seasonal accents.

Play with your scent profile

There are certain scents that you positively associate with Christmas, namely cinnamon, gingerbread, and pine, and in Australia, citrus and summer fruits are also weirdly on the list. The definite pro of having our Christmas season being dead centre in summer is that all those nifty candles and other aromatics that you’ll more than likely be gifted each year can actually go towards finding your home’s signature scent. Let yourself experiment freely with your assortment of oil diffusers, incense holders, and candles, and don’t be afraid to layer scents and make some fresh discoveries. You could also go the D.I.Y. route and make your own candles if you’ve got some essential oils handy and have been searching for a new hobby to pick up over the summer!

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Pretty up your patio

Summer is the time for backyard barbies, hosting picnic lunches, and simply spending time with your friends and loved ones. For this reason, an important part of your seasonal switch-up is ensuring that your outdoor entertaining spaces are primed for your guests and partygoers! Dress up your patio with some potted herbs and standing plants, and string up some fairy lights to spark a magical ‘summer nights’ vibe. Use accent, bowls and serving plates for a pop of colour against your raw timber or wicker patio furniture, and try your hand at making some freshly squeezed juice or fruit punch to lean into all this season has to offer.


Remember that summer is all about feeling fresh, free and living without restrictions. So long as your design emulates the season’s liberating atmosphere, your summer switch-up is sure to be a success!


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