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The Wolfe Brother - Kids on Cassette

The Wolfe Brothers Kids on Cassette

The Wolfe Brothers have built a good reputation for their catchy tunes and energetic live performances. They are continually pushing the boundaries of songwriting and delighting listeners with their openness. Now, the band is preparing to release their fifth studio album, which will be their first international release through BBR / BMG, and it promises to be a party from beginning to end.

The lads have embraced the vibe of the music they grew up with, and it is a genuine treat for the listener. Returning to their origins, far back to the 1980s and 1990s, the boys have embraced the vibe of the music they grew up with.

As children, Nick and Tom Wolfe recall listening to their favourite music on cassette tapes. They have maintained this enthusiasm throughout the new release.

While the album took three years to record, lead singer Nick claims that it has taken them their entire lives to complete, and it all began on Cassette.

the Wolfe brothers

From LOCASH, who appear on the current track, to Amy Sheppard and Jack Jones, Kids On Cassette boasts a slew of great collaborations.

It has been an honour for the brothers that their musical contemporaries were eager to be a part of the CD.

The Wolfe Brothers had a clear vision for the album from the start: to create a collection of songs that could be played everywhere, at any time, and, most importantly, on any live stage. 'All killer, no filler,' as Nick puts it. He explains, "We wanted a lot of songs that you could play live, back-to-back as a concert setlist in itself."

The band has already received praise for the singles released on Kids On Cassette.

The Wolfe Brothers released No Brakes, the first single off their upcoming album, in May 2020. It was a daring track that saw the duo driving full speed ahead into their forthcoming album.

It debuted at #1 on the Country Charts, marking the band's 13th consecutive number one in the genre.

The band's 14th #1 was achieved with the follow-up single, Anybody Ever, an epic 80's style jam released in October 2020.

The Wolfe Brothers teamed up with LOCASH for the duet tune Startin' Something in May of this year, a triumphant combination of country, rock, and pop that has already reached the Top 10, going up to #4 on the Country Airplay Charts this week.

Kids On Cassette was predominantly recorded at Nick's studio, Wolfe's Lair, and was produced by Nick Wolfe. The album also features the band's 'dream team' of producers with Matt Fell (Shane Nicholson, John Williamson, Travis Collins, Graeme Connors), Johnny Gaspsric (Gord Bamford, Renegade Station, George Canyon) and Linsday Rimes (Luke Bryan, Kane Brown, Kylie Minogue).

Matt Fell also produced the band's last album Country Heart. All four of the band's studio albums have debuted at #2 on the ARIA charts and #1 on the Australian Country Music Album Charts. The band have been nominated for 16 Country Music Awards of Australia, and they took home three Golden Guitars in 2019 for Group Of The Year, Album of the Year and Song of the Year.

The Wolfe Brothers release their fifth album, Kids On Cassette, internationally through BBR Music Group / BMG on Friday 30th July 2021. For more information, please visit


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