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Theatre Review: Apocalipstik    


Performed and Conceived by Reuben Kaye

Reviewed at the Enmore Theatre

Reviewed by Ron Lee, CSP, MAICD

Reuben Kaye

Don't remember the last time I gave a standing ovation, and the only one ever for a comedian was Robin Williams 25 years ago. 

Reuben Kaye, a tall, good looking, gay, Jewish, cross-dressing, edgy comedian packed out the 1,600 seat Enmore Theatre for his show, Apocalipstik and had the entire audience from his upstage entrance. He makes Frank N. Furter from the Rocky Horror Show seem like an inhibited, asexual shrinking violet. 

In monologue and songs with a four-piece band, he covered every aspect of society, politics and personal life. As he made his way into the audience he said, "Let me Israel into here". He even made his family's internment in Auschwitz funny. 

Kaye first came to my attention when there were calls for The Project to be taken off the air after his appearance in which he said, “I love Jesus; I love any man who can get nailed for three days straight and come back for more”. The attention that followed cannot be bought.

Reuben Kaye

When questioned about his schedule he said, "I'm so spread across Australia, I could be systemic racism". By comparison, the regular "comedians" that appear on The Project are at best, clueless amateurs. “What’s the difference between weekday Sam and weekend Sam?” Sam: “Hangover.”

Reuben Kaye's exceptional depth of thought, perception, expression, social and political commentary and showbiz flair could make him as globally appreciated as Barry Humphries. Different eras, both with amazing talent.

My previous top three favourite comedians were George Carlin, Barry Humphries and Robin Williams. Now there might be four.


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