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Theatre Review: Circus of Illusion

Circus of Illusion

Produced by Michael Boyd

Directed by Michael Boyd

Starring Michael Boyd                      

State Theatre

Reviewed by Ron Lee, CSP

Circus of Illusion

Two of my favourite entertainment forms are circus and magic.

Circus of Illusion opened with Idris Stanton, a comedian juggler who engaged the audience, especially the multitude of young children. His style was a comedy club MC without the swearing. He juggled some objects that would be more effective in a smaller venue. It was basic level juggling and it takes a lot to impress kids these days. Have you seen the Colombian kid who juggles three mixed-up Rubik’s cubes while solving them?

The show was built around Michael Boyd who executed such ever-popular family favourites as 'Metamorphosis' aka 'Sub Trunk', 'Sword Balance' and a lightweight, kiddies' version of 'Jaws of Death'. 

The two young dancers did their best to perform in sync. Their involvement served as stocking fillers.

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The highlight of the show was Sascha Williams the teeter board guitar player who is truly world class.

Added interest comes from the involvement of a couple of children from the audience, which gives Boyd an opportunity to repeatedly make people aware of the availability of his merch which reminded me of magic that I used to purchase at Weirdo’s and Cec Cook’s magic shops in Sydney when my age was in single figures.


Circus of Illusion will be enjoyed by young children who have not been exposed to the magical arts. All of the illusions have been tried and tested by a multitude of performers over decades. For those who are familiar with magic and illusion, it will be like a comedian listening to very old jokes being told by someone else. 

Don’t expect to see the amazingness of Siegfried & Roy or David Copperfield, the scale of Cris Angel, the drama of Cosentino or the spectacular sports car illusions of Sam Powers. This is a basic, entry level magic show that should appeal to small children and Michael Boyd has identified his niche, and I do like his applause-milking stance.

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