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Theatre Review - Losing It

Losing It

Written and Performed by Megan Bennetts

Director Nisrine Amine

Flight Path Theatre

Reviewed by Ron Lee, CSP

Theatre Reviews Sydney

It’s essentially “Tinder Meets Waiting For Godot”.

An almost-thirty-year-old virgin is waiting in the beer garden of the Bank Hotel in Newtown for a man whom she met online. Emma is prepared to wait for an unreasonably long time, hours, because she is focused on an objective.

Breaking the third and fourth wall, she externalises the million thoughts that are whizzing through her paranoic mind. It seems that the notions of an untouched single woman who is under stress are bizarre.

The contemporaneous late-night trivia quiz that’s inside the pub is an excellent theatrical device that provides distraction, interruption and breaks thought patterns. The questions and answers are relevant to the through line and the vocal representation of the trivia host is uncannily accurate.

Megan Bennetts’ creation and execution are exceptional. Her projection of the vulnerability of the stereotype is thoroughly engaging. Perhaps women who are on online dating apps should look into the mirror that Losing It is. Men who are online could see the show to gain a better understanding of what they're dealing with.

It’s ultimately an enthralling and entertaining piece of theatre by an emerging performer whose career is worth watching.


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