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Three Tips for Getting More Done on a Daily Basis

Three Tips for Getting More Done on a Daily Basis

Have you ever found yourself getting to the end of the day, only to look back and scratch your head, wondering whether you got anything done at all?

Everyday life naturally comes with various challenges and concerns, ranging from the need to get Hot Water Plumbing experts over so that you can escape from having to have cold showers throughout the winter to deal with different projects at work.

Still, there is "productivity", and then there's actual productivity – the kind that leaves you feeling satisfied with how you've spent your time and not as though you've just been refreshing your email inbox over and over again for hours.

Here are just a few tips for getting more done daily

Have a clear sense of what your following action should be for any project

David Allen's "Getting Things Done" task and project management system is prevalent in business and entrepreneurial circles in particular, partly because it helps to assign different incoming tasks rapidly to appropriate project categories. Also because it relies on always having a clear sense of what the "next action" should be at any given time, for any given project.

A lot of procrastination and unproductive hesitation is likely to occur when you don't know what your following action should be, so you have to sit around weighing up the pros and cons and think about it for a while.

Keeping an effective to-do list or task management app that allows you to move quickly from one task to another can help to reduce how much of a role this uncertainty plays in day-to-day life.

Establish habits that help you to maintain momentum daily

A big part of getting things done and being consistently productive has to do with maintaining a high baseline level of momentum daily and being able to rapidly generate momentum as soon as you can each day after getting out of bed.

It's because momentum is so powerful in this way that you get sayings like "if you want something done, give it to a busy person" – even though busy people might not enjoy having others trying to give them extra work and chores.

Coming up with habits that help you maintain momentum daily can undoubtedly help you get more done. Those habits will be specific to you but could include things like having a quick morning routine that involves doing 10 minutes of bodyweight exercise and having a cold shower. Or whatever works for you instead.

Be mindful of cornerstone features of your health and wellness

Healthy Eating

Generally speaking, if you let cornerstone features of your health and wellness fall by the wayside – like adequate sleep and consistent and nourishing meals – you're going to not only feel a lot worse but probably be a lot less healthy. Still, you will probably be a lot less energetic and motivated as well.

Maintaining a good baseline level of personal health and wellness, to the best of your ability, can end up putting you in a better position to remain productive daily and to stay on top of your various personal projects, chores and obligations.


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