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Triky Chats with Kuya James

Kuya James has teamed up with fellow Territorian singer Stevie Jean for his latest single Why Dem Pills? Co-written by Australian-Filipino songwriters Serina Pech and Joel Ma (AKA Joelistics), the track has a downbeat vibe with some smooth female vocals. Intelligent percussion and an overall polished track. Sounds like R&B, chill or trip hop with an electronic edge.

Kuya James

Hi to Kuya James! Q: Firstly tell us a bit about your musical background and anything that influenced your music before releasing this single? A: My musical background is heavily influenced by being a bass player that went on to produce beats and then getting to work alongside amazing singers. I feel my whole album is a reflection of this. Q: How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it? A: Well the first 3 singles are all different but I think still carry a sound that is me. Bass, a lot of my music is a love of bass and heavy beats but also how much I enjoy layered vox and interesting melodies. Q: Is this a typical producer on the beat and you source your vocals type deal? A: Not so much, I feel that my process is a lot more collaborative. Some of the early versions of the instrumentals I send out are more like 4 track guitar demos, there’s a vibe but not everything has been realised. Q: Tell us something about the creative process, is this all done in home studios or do you aim a level higher? A: A mix of both. We have a great studio here at Skinnyfish HQ called Studio G with some great gear, but my home studio has such a vibe that I feel I can achieve quality in there.

Why Dem Pills

Q: Do you make any other genres of music? A: Yes. Recently i’ve been working with both Tas Dance and Tracks Dance on soundtracks for their contemporary dance shows and I love working with Stevie Jean on her songs which are often more rock and epic vibes. Q: If you could own one piece of gear for free right now what would it be? A: The Moog Matriach synth. Q: If you could only choose one method of production would it be software or hardware? A: Years ago I would have said hardware but these days I do a lot more in the box, i’m lucky to have a healthy collection of moog fx pedals that I get to run stuff through on the regular though. Q: Do you play any instruments besides the DAW? A: Bass guitar, guitar, a bit of keys and drums too. But often I like to work with other musicians, capturing an incredible musician in their zone is one of the most exciting things about being a producer. Q: Is there anything you want to say to people from your hometown? A: Our door is open here at Settle Down Records / Skinnyfish HQ, come and see what we do and if you’ve got songs and beats, bring them too, we love hearing what the local music community is up to. Also, don’t leave records or acoustic guitars in the car, the humidity will melt them. Q: What message would you give to the youth out there you want to inspire? A: Learn about the land you live on and the people that own that land, learn their language and stories. I live on Larrakia land here in Darwin, NT and every day i’m grateful for that and the knowledged shared by the elders here.


Triky first released in 2006 with his electronic music journey starting in the psytrance scene of Byron Bay. He has made close to 20 releases.

The project today has been completely refined and the latest album was a marriage between creative flair and money invested in equipment, software and hardware.

The proceeds are pledged to helping community services.

You can find out more about Triky on his website "Triky Official"


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