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What To Pack In Your Emergency Kit When Traveling With The Kids

What To Pack In Your Emergency Kit When Traveling With The Kids

When travelling, safety is one of the crucial considerations to make, and this is especially important when kids are involved. According to reports, Australia experiences high incidents of natural emergencies, so it is necessary to be prepared for anything. If you're travelling with your children for a couple of days, then it will be essential to put measures in place that can ensure their safety, and you can start with the first aid or emergency kit. The first aid kit should have certain essentials and should be easily accessible. On that note, below are some things to consider.

What To Pack In Your Emergency Kit When Traveling With The Kids

Allergy and prescription medication

Your kids may have some health issues which require medication, so don't forget to have this medication in the kit.

Additionally, there are some illnesses young children are more prone to. Therefore, having those medicines in your first aid kit is not a bad idea. For example, nappy rash and antibiotic ointments, baby cold medicine and children's acetaminophen or ibuprofen are a few to consider. For some medications, you will require a prescription from the doctor to ensure you get enough for as long as you are away. Also, don't forget to include the dosage in the kit, just as an additional precaution. It will be vital to research your location for some information on the most common ones there regarding allergies.


Especially if you spend time outdoors, bringing some insecticide or bug spray will be crucial, particularly in summer. You can use this whenever you are outside to keep the insect at bay and prevent bites. Again, it will also be helpful to research your location and what kinds of insects you are likely to come across. Your research will help you know what type of spray or ointment to get for bites and stings. It could be fun if you did this with the kids as a fun way to learn about these insects and how to protect themselves.

What To Pack In Your Emergency Kit When Traveling With The Kids

Antiseptic cleaner

Children love to run around and play, which comes with some level of risk. They are more likely to get bruises and cuts, getting infected without the proper attention. Antiseptic cleaners could be a temporary solution when there isn't any soap and water available until you get professional help. Aside from that, you can also use this to wipe down surfaces wherever you go to lower your risk of picking up viruses. You should also include antibacterial wipes and alcohol-based hand sanitisers as an additional precaution. They are excellent for keeping your hands clean after attending to a wound, eating etc. when there isn't any soap and water available. You will also need bandages, gauze pads and other essentials to help you dress wounds better.

Other useful items:

  • Thermometer

  • Bandages

  • Snake bite bandage

  • Extra water

  • Blankets

  • Portable fire blanket or extinguisher

  • Sunscreen

And, if you think an emergency could never happen, check out the "I Shouldn't Be Alive Series" on YouTube.


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