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If you think that running a blog like Sydney Chic is all glamour and parties I'm here to tell you that's not the case. Yes, I spend a lot of time at events as a "VIP", I get sent products to review and I get paid to post. You can read more here at the Sydney Chic Disclaimer


What most people don't realise is the time and money it takes to keep a website like this constantly pumping out content, sharing on social media and keeping the ranking on Google.  I spend a lot hours of my time writing, taking photos, attending functions, managing social media, and the majority of it is not paid. There is no advertising on this blog, except for our contributors own businesses. For those bloggers dreaming that all they need to do is build a blog and let the funds flow magically in are delusional, it doesn't work like that In saying that, there are ways to monetise all this hard work otherwise I wouldn't be doing it.

So if you are still wanting to become a successful blogger I'm happy to coach you, and reveal all my secrets with one on one coaching.

To enquire about this service drop me a line at

My business website is

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