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10 Great Beach House Decorating Ideas

Even if you don't live by the beach, you can still create a beautiful relaxing tropical retreat with these great beach house decorating ideas. It's just a matter of choosing some great nautical furnishings and accessories which can be done on any budget.

Don't look at it as one project that has to be done in a short time, but if you are anything like me, you can collect beautiful homewares to treasure for years.

1 Cushions
Coastal cushions ideas

Start by choosing some beautiful cushion covers with a nautical theme. Obvious it's best to choose blues, aquas and beige to represent water and sand. With so many beautiful cushions on the market these days, it's easy to swap the look whenever it takes your fancy. Cushions can create a beautiful nautical theme in the bedroom, the living rooms and placed on outdoor furniture.

2 Wall Art

Whether you choose beach photos or paintings, decorating your home with coastal themes will certainly add a relaxing vibe to any room. With any nautical theme you will want to incorporate light neutral walls.

3 Driftwood and Shabby Chic

Image by Nicola Fioravanti

Driftwood is great to use in nautical decorating. Pieces found on the beach can easily be crafted into beach art. Other ideas for decorating are 'shabby chic' - that worn out timber look used in furniture and hand craft.

4 Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the best decorating ideas to add light to rooms and create space. This one above, I found ten years ago at a market in Many Beach and it has moved with me many times. The doors open to display a beautiful mirror. The timber gives the room a Bali beach feeling.

5 Shells

Shells found on the beach are great for giving both outside and inside a beach vibe. Finding them yourself on holidays can remind you of many happy times as well as creating wonderful decorating ideas such as these above that I have found on my local beach. Shells can be displayed in bowels, in glass jars, grouped together or if you buy or find a large sell it can make a statement just on its own.

6 Seahorse

This handcrafted seahorse is another loved piece of mine. These are easy to find at markets, Bali style retailers and home decor stores, not to mention online as well.

7 Surfboard

Using a surfboard can give many great decorating ideas like the one used in this magnificent beach house in Boomerang Beach, Wynola. Surfboards come in so many colours and designs and can be left leaning on a wall mounted as wall art.

8 Oars

Image Drew Beamer

Oars are often used to add a nautical feel to a home. Whether you paint them such as these above or just hang a large rustic one on a wall, you will instantly get that beach vibe in the home.


9 Succulents

Succulents are easy to grow and especially on the coast. Succulents make great indoor plants as well as outdoors. Grow them in trays and surrounded by pebbles, in a succulent pot or glass jar. For those that have absolutely no idea with plants just purchase some good quality fake ones.

10 Candles

Nothing makes a more ambient home than beautiful scented candles. Candles look especially inviting when they are part of a light airy beach-look home. Apart from the wonderful scent they give off candles come in such a wide range of colours and many are decorated in nautical themes.

There you have it, a few bits and pieces can be the start of creating a home that has a relaxed coastal home whether you are in an apartment or house.


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