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Aris-tait pops up in Double Bay.

Things to do in Sydey | Attend Fashion Launch

On Friday, the 6th of December, a new vision clothing brand launched its first collection. Aris-tait has now been born! The celebration drinks and an opportunity to meet the designer took place in Double Bay in a pop up shop at 7 Bay Street.

Although it was a busy Friday night when Double Bay was getting comfortable in wines bars, Aris-tait shop was buzzing accommodating guests and curious passing by fashion addicts.

The host and the collection designer Julia was incredibly busy, catching up with all the visitors; however I still had a chance to have a quick conversation with her. “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous” – Julia told me – “I am trying to bring the two together in my dresses”. Julia explained to me that the inspiration for her different from traditional Australian fashion vision was the uniqueness of her style and a simple desire to look amazing. “I couldn’t find the right dress representing elegance and class in any of Sydney shops so I decided to design my own” – Julia shared with me – “I didn’t expect people to like it; however received a great feedback so decided to launch my brand officially so others can also find their piece of elegancy and class”.

The brand name clothing concept Aris-tait derives from the two definitions, according to Julia, 'aristocracy' and 'tait'. The French 'tait' means 'keeping to oneself, keeping a secret'. The English name of 'tait' has Scandinavian descendant and has a meaning of 'cheerful, light and bright'. On top of that in Egyptian mythology, Tait was the goddess of weavers and fabric manufacturers, representing purity and perfection.

Aris-tait launched its brand together with a chic silver jewellery designer from Silver Fashion Jewellery Store, also featuring exclusive paintings from a Russian born Australian artist Irina Fitzgerald. Three young designers exhibiting their work under one roof was an exciting beginning of something fresh, unique and different – exactly what Sydney needs!

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