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Jimmy Wright Joins Sydney Chic as a Foodie Blogger

Jimmy Wright is almost Australian. He moved here on a one way ticket from London and the promise of a job with best place to work RedBalloon in 2007. He is currently revising for the citizenship test.

He's been a foodie and liquids lover all his life; sipping his first glass of champagne at his christening he's never looked back. Jimmy has also worked behind the bar and in the kitchen as a chef so knows a bit about what it takes to deliver great hospitality.

At RedBalloon he enjoys road-testing as many of the gourmet experiences as he can. He writes an occasional blog of his own covering foodie and entrepreneurial adventures. Jimmy is part of team RED at RedBalloon that supports businesses with the recognition programs; focusing on employee engagement, productivity and culture. He writes and speaks regularly on these topics.

As the Founder of gay and lesbian group Polari, Jimmy also hosts regular events in Sydney and Melbourne as a professional learning, networking and development opportunity.

Sydney Chic is his creative outlet; tirelessly trying new places and foodie Favourites in search of the perfect omelette, dumpling, croissant or pork belly creation.

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