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Yoga just got Aerial!

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Miss Fit Dance Studio is Sydneys' leading venue for Aerial Yoga with 3 locations (Castle Hill, Artarmon and Taren Point) offering more classes every week than any other studio. Students are supported in a fabric slings suspended from the ceiling but close to the floor. Floating is fun! Great for those who are looking for a different form of yoga, recovering from injury, or a completely different way to exercise compared to the gym. We call it the "accidental workout" as it's fitness made really fun! Give your body a treat not a torture session when you exercise.

Aerial Yoga exercises will improve your overall strength, balance, stability and joint mobility. Hanging in a sling allows you to stretch in a way that floor based exercises do not allow, and can have a fantastic de-compressive effect on your spine to make your back feel great! The exercises are graded according to your level of ability. You get to re-connect with you and to exercise in a way that feels completely different as you are supported in a comfortable sling.

At the end of every class your sling can be opened out into a hammock so that you get to completely chill out for a while! We turn down the lights and play mood music to make you feel very comfortable.

Come as a casual or join up for a term and reap the benefits!

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